Why Online Shopping Is Hard For You

So many people are frustrated with online shopping. 


They get a high while browsing late night with a glass of wine (anyone else?) and scoping out all of the cute potential outfits they’re dreaming of. You’re feeling this potential new vibe you want for your closet; only to be disappointed when the package arrives (which is like Christmas, right?), and it fits poorly and makes you feel like a sack of potatoes. 


Then you have to deal with the returns, which is a pain because you don’t have time for it, and your total style bubble has burst. This leaves you to swear of online shopping because it just “doesn’t work for you”. 


Am I right?


But here’s the thing: online shopping can be really easy. I’ve mastered it because I do it so often both for myself (cuz hey, I love a good shop too LOL), and for my clients. You know what? Things fit me and them like a glove almost ever single time. 


So I’m going to share some secrets with you that will help you in future.


  1. Watch the models. How are they standing? If they’re in these interesting poses that are suppose to look high-fashion but you can’t see the garment in-full, there’s a reason for that. Usually this means the piece in question is a little boxier. So the model is giving it shape and movement. When a model is facing the camera head-on, you get a better sense as to what the shape of the garment is.  You’ll be able to see if there is tailoring or not. 
  2. Beware of no zoom. I’m always weary of pieces that don’t show clips of things up close. So many things can be edited to look better, but it’s really hard to fool someone when they have the ability to zoom in and get a better look at the fabric, texture, stitching, etc. I also look for linings especially on jackets – this is a big one a lot of companies skip out on, but if you get blazers or coats without a lining, you’re being ripped off. The lifespan of that coat just shorten because the friction you create when you wear it will wear it out faster. Plus, hello static. Isn’t that the worst? It’s like when you go to the science fair and can put your hands on the electric ball that makes your hair stand on end…or at least what it feels like. No thanks. So, you either have to be willing to invest further and have a lining made, or pass.
  3. Get picky. I discuss this all of the time, but not enough of you follow through with this. You have something specific in mind, but are quick to say “I can’t find it” and pick the next closest thing, which is crazy. This will only leave you unhappy, with something that will eventually hit the donate pile. Plus, a mediocre piece will leave you feeling mediocre – and if you’re a business owner or career person, that’s crazy. You need to feel and reach a higher vibration because your vibe attracts your next-level, promotion, and higher echelon client. No low vibes aloud when you want to hit six figures and beyond. Your image and energy speaks volumes.

If you want to really take things to the next-level and deep dive with me further on how to make sure online shopping is as effortlessly as you want it to be, nab my online shopping mastery program.

Listen to the full podcast episode here 


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