Why Being Picky With Your Style Isn't Bad

"I hope you're ready to deal with me. I'm super picky about what I like," a client said to me once.

When I replied exclaiming that I was thrilled she was, I was met with a look of shock. While being picky is an attribute most often described as being an annoyance, I think it's a brilliant quality to have in your closet.

In the age of, "how could I NOT buy this piece? It was only $10!", being selective about what we do like and what we are willing to spend our money is a breath of fresh air.

One of the biggest reasons I see women frustrated with their style and closet is because of selection. While variety is the spice of life, having too much of it in your closet, especially when it's filled with a mixture of pieces you love and other ho-hum items, isn't always a good thing.

Because we often feel lack lustre about what's going on, we're lead to shop the stores again; on the hunt for the 'magic' item that will solve our wardrobe woes and have us feeling good again. While I definitely think it's valuable to find pieces that make us feel good, it's also important to make sure they don't just satisfy our personalties when we're in store. You know what I mean: you see a top that you think is adorable because of the print or colour, and often end up purchasing said item because you love the look and vibe of it.

While that's definitely a good start, there are other things I recommend you take into consideration when shopping in order to avoid long-term style frustration:

  1. Does the garment fit you well? Even though the piece has captured your attention, does it fit you properly? Flatter your shape? If doesn't, consider how this will make you feel when you put it on in the morning. If the fit is off, that's something that will eventually bother you. Trust me. You'll always take that piece off and put something else on because of it.
  2. What was your instant reaction when wearing it? Did it excite you? Do you feel amazing in it? Don't discount your feelings. You should and deserve to feel high-vibe in your clothing all of the time. Pass on the ho-hum pieces. You won't want to wear them anyway.
  3.  Can you wear it 3 ways? Aside from denim or black pants (everyone fail safe), can you think of 3 ways to style this piece? What will you layer it with? What shoes will you wear? What accessories do you have?  Thinking this over will take some spontaneity out of shopping, but will ensure that you get the versatility you're looking for in the long-run in your wardrobe.
  4. Is it a nice quality? Oh, boy. I could go on about this topic forever. While everything doesn't need to be high-end or designer, it's insane what companies and fast-fashion brands get away with nowadays. Fabric choice aside (although that's a full topic in itself and should be considered -- natural fibers always being better choices), check out the construction of a garment. Is the stitching nicely done and tight? Are there seams to give the garment shape? Is there a lining to the skirt, pant, or blazer you're looking at? Is there thread hanging anywhere off of the garment? Are the hems finished? Zippers in good condition? Doesn't matter if it's $2 or 2,000 -- if you're spending your money, it's worth the ask.
  5. Does it represent who you want to be? Our closets tell a story about who we are or how we feel about ourselves. If you don't like the message it's creating, start fresh. Is that piece you're entertaining going to help create that image? If not, why even consider buying it?

So is picky a bad thing? No. Not even close. It shows you know what you want and are creating an image that aligns and represents the beautiful person you are. That, is always a good thing.


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