Your Image Makes You More Money

I laugh when people say that image and money aren’t intertwined.

Of course they are.

When your image aligns with your goals, you expand.

Your energy shifts to something higher when you look in the mirror and feel good; when you feel like your clothing represents who you are. You show-up more powerfully and confidently in your day because you feel and look good.

That confidence will translate to being more productive, more happy, and looking the part of the role/person you desire to also translates to more money.


Want a promotion? Dress the part.

Want to up-level your business? Step into that image.

55% of your credibility goes to what people SEE.

Would you higher a lawyer that’s dressed in sweats? No.

A personal trainer that’s out of shape? Unlikely.

Help people SEE you in the role you desire to be in; whether that’s a high-level entrepreneur or a higher level in your work.

Your energy vibrates at a whole new level when you act AND look the part. The end result will always influence your earnings. 💸💸


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