Contouring For Different Face Shapes

As I’ve confessed to many of you before; I’m a bit of a make-up junkie. Not only do I have towers of make-up carefully stowed away in my vanity area, but I find the mere application of it incredibly relaxing (is that weird?).

One thing I’ve been slowly trying to perfect is the art of contouring. While I’m new to this, as I’ve only begun practicing in the last year, it’s never ceases to amaze me what a difference it can make in defining your face. Some may feel that applying creamy concealers, powders and foundations together as a lot of make-up (and I agree, it can be), I’m obsessed with the look.

Because everyone has different face shapes, curves and angles to their face shape, it’s natural that the highlights and contours each of us will create will vary slightly. Generally speaking, those with wide face shapes will want to create lengthening contour lines and those with longer face shapes will want to create contouring that is a bit more horizontal. Contouring in the opposite direction of our bone structure will create balance in our face shape rather than further lengthening or widening our natural features.

I recently stumbled upon this picture on Instagram by @nxtlvlartst that show’s examples on how you might contour with different face shapes. It was too good not to share.


What do you think? Do you highlight and contour?


Let me know if you’d like me to create a contouring video for you all on my YouTube Channel.



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