Fashion On A Budget

Many magazines push women towards designer purchases. For most, this will not only break the bank but could leave us feeling frustrated and out of style. While designer items are special, they don’t need to be pieces that are invested in regularly.

Here are a few tips for how to stay stylish while keeping money in your wallet.

  1. Take inventory. This is huge. Most of us often hit the stores without a clue what we’re looking for. If you’re looking to keep in line with a budget, make note of what you need in your closet and shop with that item(s) in mind. Removing impulse purchases will make all the difference. Not only that, but if you’re specific about what you shop for, you’ll slowly create a closet you’ll be proud of.
  2. Hunt vintage. Vintage and thrift stores have hidden gems that are kinder to those on a budget. Take an afternoon with some girlfriends and play with the clothing and accessories from decades past. There are hundreds of beautiful items that are just waiting to go in your closet. Not only is it a fun afternoon out, but if you decide to purchase something, you can rest assure that the masses won’t be wearing what you have.
  3.  Skip buying trends from designers. Items that are trendy are not worth the splurge. Buy less expensive versions of trends in stores such as H&M and forever 21. When the piece is no longer in style 6 months down the road you’ll be happy you didn’t break the bank for it.
  4. Accessorize. Jewelry, scarves, hats and other accessories completely change the look and mood of an outfit. Get a variety to suit your many different lifestyle requirements and pair them with classic clothing items. You’ll be surprised at how many different looks you can create.
  5. Black is not all that. I’m here to set the record straight: Black does not make everyone look good, even if it’s considered a classic shade. I do recommend splurging on more classic items that will last in your closet, but don’t forget to add some color to give your clothing an extra “pop.” Colour is what will keep your closet current and will have you excited when dressing in the morning.
  6. Scour for sales. Sales are great for anyone on a budget. If you get to them early, you’ll have first pick and can often score amazing items. I personally love end of season sales. I always roam shops for classic items I can invest it. Pieces are always a fraction of their original cost and can last years in your closet. Holt Renfrew’s Boxing Day sales are one of my favourites for this. They normally offer 70% off!



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