3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Shopping Before You Buy

Having spent years with clients rummaging through their closets to help them uncover the great, get rid of the bad, and reinvent the old, one thing has become evident: shopping for clothing is typically done impulsively or a as a frustrating, last-minute need for an occasion. I have lost track of the number of times an individual  has confessed that the item I just plucked from their closet is hated and was purchased solely out of desperation. Sadly, over-time shopping this way leads to an accumulation of ‘stuff’ that fills our closets and does nothing for our personal style or routine in the morning.


While shopping can and should be fun, thought should be put-into the next purchase you make. Taking time to think about your next purchase before you punch your pin-code at the cash counter will ensure wardrobe bliss down the road. Here are 3 things to consider before you check-out:

  1. Do you need it? This question may seem like a no-brainer, but impulse purchases happen all the time; not to say that it should never take place but it should be an exception to your shopping routine, not the rule. Evaluating whether the blouse you are about to purchases is needed or not is crucial. Do you need more tops in your wardrobe?  If so,  what kind? Do you have your closet staples covered (basic tees, camisoles, and classic white blouse)?toronto-personal-shopper-3-questions-to-ask-shopping
  2. Does it fit you properly? While this may get a “well, duh” response from some, most women don’t take their silhouette into account when shopping. Sales associates and well meaning friends may guide you in the wrong direction when it comes to your body-type. They key  is to mimic what your body does naturally for the best fit. For example, if your figure dips in and curves at your waistline, your shirt or dress should also — anything else will make you look boxy and will not flatter. Since not everything you find in-store will fit perfectly, weight whether it’s worth altering what you’ve tried on.
  3. Can you wear it 3 ways? My golden rule; if you can’t think of three different ways to wear the garment you are about the purchase, put it back. Every piece in your closet should offer versatility. No exceptions. If you have to purchase something else to make your new piece work or if it can only be worn one way, it’s not worth it.

Asking yourself these honest, simple questions will begin to ensure that your wardrobe begins to fill itself with things that make you look beautiful, can wear multiple ways, and love.


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