How-to Wear Ankle Boots

Over the past few seasons of autumn ankle boots have slowly become the go-to shoe for fall.

What was once seen as footwear to make a dress edgier, the ankle boot has now become a wardrobe staple that instantly takes mundane outfits and turns them into something special. I, too, am now someone that often grabs ankle boots before opting for other footwear choices in my wardrobe. I love the attitude and texture a boot adds to an outfit.

Clients often tell me they aren’t sure how-to style ankle boots, nor how-to achieve the versatility many have in their closets with them.

Here are a few tips on how to wear these footwear beauties and get the variety you want:

1. Take inventory of what your closet largely consists of; do you have mostly casual wear or business? If casual (for example), thicker heels, lace-ups, colourful textures and some western inspired styles may be a good choice. Thicker heels, especially on some of the cow-girl options out there, are for casual-wear only. If you’re looking to add some variety to your business attire, selecting a boot in that type of aesthetic will lose some of it’s versatility in your closet.


2. If you’re looking for a boot you can wear to work, out for an event, and casually, think of getting a simple boot that isn’t too trendy. Patent leathers, vegan leathers or other boots that look sleek and are offered in neutral shades such as camel or black will not only pair with more in your wardrobe, but because of it’s simplistic style can elevate casual clothing and also provide an edge to your professional attire.

3. Think of ankle boots as full-coverage pumps. Most women do not have a problem pairing stiletto’s with anything in their closet because the shoe has been a staple in wardrobes for years. The ankle boot can be worn with anything a pump can (it just covers more of your foot). What do you have in your closet that you have worn with heels? Give the same look a try with an ankle boot if you haven’t already.


4. Placement is key: when purchasing an ankle boot, ensure that it flatters your leg. My suggestion when putting together looks for women, is to select a pair that comes up to the smallest part of your ankle. The boot will create a horizontal line around the portion of your leg it ends at, thus giving the illusion it’s wider, so be cautious in thoughtfully picking out a boot that works well for your body-type.


Do you wear these types of boots often? Do you like the look of them?


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