How-to Wear Rose Gold

There has been some serious weather changes here lately in Toronto, and I'm feeling them. Typically, our Canadian climate towards the end of February is less than desirable, and luckily, this past week we've had temperatures climb to 20 degrees celsius! Hallelujah! Nice weather instantly puts me in a great mood, and it always shows in my wardrobe.

With nothing but sunshine, I've been craving colour; or more specifically, pink. It's one of the seasons hottest colours, and I cannot wait to inject more of it into my closet. Typically a neutrals and blue kind of girl, I really enjoyed adding more rose coloured tones in my wardrobe; it made me feel more soft and feminine, and I found myself opting for more classic pieces with it as a result.

I fell in-love recently with a pair of rose gold sunglasses. The white band and rose metallic lens has me swooning, big time. I scooped them up at a small boutique in Toronto for $20, and have never had so many compliments on a pair of shades before! Isn't that always the case? Some of the most fun, inexpensive pieces in our closests' can often be some of the best. I love shopping for personality pieces like that.

I recently picked up a soft metallic rose gold blazer as well. Not too in-your-face, this blazer has just enough attitude to make it different from a tradition blazer, but not so over-the-top that it can't be worn everyday; a shopping win in my eye! I love pieces that transition seamlessly from day-to-night.

Pairing the two pink pieces together seemed like a no brainer; and to keep in-theme, I opted for a soft pink suede pump. To make sure the look wasn't too heavy in one colour (I recommend only repeating a colour three times in a look), I chose to wear my rose hues with some boyfriend jeans and a beautiful chiffon tank for an effortless laid-back look.

What do you think of the pink trend? Will you be wearing any of it?



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