Keeping Clothing Just In Case You Use It

One of my favorite things to do with clients is to give them a wardrobe makeover. It’s so fun to go through closet’s and help women find fabulous new outfits that they never thought of!

There is a trend, however, that repeats itself consistently with each closet I peep into; the items that are kept ‘just in case’ they may be used again one day. These are garments that we know we won’t wear (or don’t like too), but we keep in case an occasion may arise when we might need to wear it or find use for it.

Sound familiar?

The reality is that these pieces take up inventory in our wardrobes and become part of the reason we say, “I have nothing to wear” in the morning.

My suggestion?

Only keep items in your wardrobe that you can’t live without and make use of. It’s easier said than done, but why do anything less? Ideally, we should all be able to go to our closets in the morning filled with excitment over the outfit possibilities we can create. Building a closet like this takes time and thought, but it can be done.

If you have something in your closet that you have keep on the sidelines thus far, dust it off and try it on. Take a good look at whether it fits properly. If it doesn’t, decide if there is something to alter to make it ideal or if the shape is all wrong if you should just toss it. If the problem is your in-between sizes, store the garment elsewhere until you need it again to avoid clutter in your closet.

If you try the item on and you simply don’t like the cut, colour or fabric, get rid of it. Why keep something that you aren’t a fan of anyway? It will always remain the last resort item that you will never pull out of your closet.

Lastly, if it’s simply a matter of not knowing what to wear with it, lay it out on your bed and try pairing it with items you’d never normally dream of wearing it with. You’d be surprised at the unexpected outfit combinations you can create. A good wardrobe remix never hurt!

Do you have items like this in your closet? What do you do with them?



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