Loving Eyes

As the year closes and I read the posts on social feeds of goal setting, and resolutions, I wanted to take time and reflect upon what I wanted for myself. Though I have created a list of things I wish to accomplish for the upcoming year, the thing I realized I wanted most for myself and all women is something simplistic, and yet, oh, so complicated.

Each day, I have the privilege of being invited into homes or spending the day out shopping with women of all ages and backgrounds. Each of them tell me their desires, life stories, and problems they see when they look in the mirror. While teaching them about their body-shape and style, their raw, unscripted, unfiltered selves come out as they tell me of their daily challenges and gripes with their bodies and self-confidence.

All women, so unnecessarily hard on themselves; picking apart aspects of their bodies they deem unworthy or in-need of work for future.


So, as I pause before the New Year, I realize that more than anything, my wish for myself and all of you is loving eyes.

  • I wish for you to see beauty as you look at your silhouette in the mirror.
  • I wish for you to see how beautiful you are; with every curve, angle, and shape that makes you undeniably unique and special.
  • I wish for you to see how amazingly strong you are for managing the millions of things on your daily to-do list.
  • I wish for you to be kind to yourself as you encounter bumps in the road as you tirelessly pursue your goals and passions.
  • I wish for you to find a tribe that celebrates the wonderful person you are and helps push you towards your desires and goals as you, too, help them towards theirs.
  • I wish for you to have loving eyes as you button up your blouse, or pull on a dress in the morning and look in the mirror; realizing that the size you are, in this moment, is just as stunning and worthwhile as the image you capture in your mind.


  • I wish loving eyes for you as you scroll through the highlight reel of social feeds, not diminishing your light in comparison to someone else’s.
  • I wish you joy in being surrounded by loved ones: whether they be family or friends; and the beautiful complicated mess we can all be when together. May we all having loving eyes to learn to appreciate our flaws as we learn from one another.
  • I wish for you to see beauty as you gaze at your stretch marks from having your beautiful child or from adding sassy va-va-voom to your curvaceous figure.
  • I wish courage and love for you on days where everything seems to go wrong and even though you want to give up, you continue anyway.
  • I wish for you to celebrate your fearlessness as you get dressed and style yourself on your own terms — realizing that there is freedom in owning your own flair and personality.
  • I wish for you to see how brave you are as you embark and embrace new, unknown journeys that will come your way.

I wish for you to celebrate the fearless, undeniably multi-faceted, one-of-a-kind, gorgeous, loving being that you are. I wish for you to raise a glass of champagne and toast to all that you have done, have looked after, and will continue to-do in the years to come. Who you are radiates a unique energy that no-one else can, and that in itself is so beautiful. You are irreplaceable.


Step into 2017 with loving eyes. When you look at yourself, speak kind, loving words that will nourish your soul and help uplift your days. And if there are somedays you find it difficult to-do just that, I will do that for you. I will be happy to acknowledge the bad-ass, brave, beautiful body and soul that you are.

Wishing you all of the love for 2017,

Christie. xo


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