Mint Skirt

Most of you who follow me on Instagram can attest to the fact that I wore a lot of neutrals in the fall/winter season. A lot. Since darker colours aren't the most flattering for my skin tone (including black which I refuse to give up), opting for neutrals is an easy way for me to change up my look during the winter months and then adding splashes of colour into my look when I can.

Now that the warmer weather is upon us though, all I'm craving is colour. If something is bright and cheerful looking, my eye is instantly drawn to it; pastels, especially. I find that colour makes any look feel fresh, youthful, and current. It's exciting to look at.

Lately, I've been drawn to skirts, which let me tell you, is not a common thing for me. I've always been a pants gal as in past, I've always found them to-be the most comfortable. But, something has switched for me. In winter, I began wearing sweater dresses 24/7 (which I'd never done), and now, it seems like the dress/skirt trend is continuing in my closet. I saw this beautiful teal/mint skirt and instantly felt my pulse quicken. A gorgeous silhouette and draping fabric to start, but what sealed the deal was the teal colour. It's not something I've found often in my shopping excursions.

What I've loved pairing with this skirt is a simple camisole, jean jacket, and metallic heels; a great smart casual look. To add a bit more personality and fun into the outfit, I put on a bold pink lip and  grabbed one of my favourite colourful clutches; a pop-art clutch that says "ZAP" on it.


Are you craving colour this spring/summer? What colours do you enjoy wearing most?


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