Shades of Grey + New Year's Goals

I always love the beginning of January. Apart from it being my birthday month, the fresh, new-beginning, feeling that comes with it always has me feeling light on my feet and ready to jump into the year ahead with enthusiasm. Public speaking events have already been lined up (more on those soon), and I have plenty of ideas and projects that I can not wait to share with you all.

I do, however, want to share some New Years goals that I’ve set for myself and my business for 2017 that I’m looking forward to implementing in the days and months to come. Last year was the first time I took any goals I’d ever made for myself seriously. I was surprised at how many I accomplished: much of that thanks to my trusty vision board — which I highly recommending anyone doing if you haven’t tried it! Keeping your goals and vision in-front of you everyday as a reminder is incredibly motivating.


With my goals of the past checked-off, here are some new ones I’m ready to tackle this year:

  1. Regular content on my YouTube channel, social media, and website. Creating regular content always took a backseat for me as I looked after my clients — so posts on here were hap-hazard and YouTube videos, though weekly, every now and then were missed due to my failure to plan. So far, I have my editorial calendars ready for all and am looking forward to being in touch with you on a regular basis! Outfit inspiration, style tips, and plenty of information on how to create the best version of yourself is on the way. I’m aiming to post something twice a week  (possibly the same for YouTube as well); once a week at minimum. Fingers crossed I can keep up the momentum I have set in my mind.
  2. Getting personal. One of the things I love most about working with my clients and meeting women when I lecture is the personal connection. While I love chatting about clothing, fashion, and beauty, I also plan on sharing personal content to help us get to know one another better. While most content will be fashion and beauty related, in my mind, adding some bestie vibes is never a bad thing.  I want to share more about my adventures and hope to learn more about yours as well. If you aren’t already, please connect with me on SnapChat (user: ChristieRessel), and Instagram (@ChristieRessel) as I post daily pictures and videos so that we can hang-out on the day-to-day.louis-vuitton-pochette-metis
  3. Getting healthy. What resolution list isn’t this on, am I right? Notoriously a sweet tooth and wine enthusiast, I’ve finally had enough of slothing on the couch and choosing unhealthy foods (okay, not all together — but in moderation). Not moving my body and selecting foods that aren’t nutrient rich has taken it’s toll and made me feel sluggish. If I want to give the best of myself when shopping with you all, then I need to prioritize and take care of myself. It’s so easy to brush ourselves aside and get to things that we need later on. As one of my lady-boss friends, Cara, says, “woman first, boss second.” This will be a mantra I carry forward this year. I want to find some classes that get my body moving and are fun while also meal prepping so that the old excuse of “I had to go through the drive-through because I didn’t have time to make a lunch” is no longer valid. Besides, the energy high I get from treating my body with love never ceases to amaze me!
  4. Buy Less, Choose Well. I have a post that I will be creating about this topic down-the-road in detail; but this year will be one were I purchase considerably less. Our society has become so indulgent with fast-fashion and items that are essentially disposable from their low-quality (and questionable ethics in their creation) — and I’m not keen to pay into that any longer. I’m choosing to-do what generations had done in past: buy less, but choose well. It’s something I always discuss with my clients as well. More on this to come.


  5. Connect offline. As someone that is notoriously on her phone for work and social media (like many), it can be hard to put the phone down. I’ve caught myself at night constantly picking-up my phone, checking to see if there are messages, texts, tweets, snaps, etc. — you get the picture: It’s too much. I’ve given myself a cut-off time for each night to drop the phone and just be. Emails can wait, tweets can wait, and snapchat can wait. My disconnect time will be for me to connect with family, friends, and myself — so that I can deepen relationships with those around me and myself. The phone will be put away so that I can’t glance at it and can focus on being present. 2016 showed me how important it is to connect and build yourself and your tribe. I’m looking forward to continuing that journey this year.

In a nutshell, that’s it! That’s what I’m looking to-do for myself this year. While I have micro goals within each of those categories, I wanted to share the meat and potatoes of it with all of you.

Have you set any intentions for yourself this year? Please share in the comments; I would love to hear what you are striving for!



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