Style For Women On The Go

It’s no secret that women are busy. We wear many hats as wife, sister, mother, daughter, businesswoman and more.

My female clients often ask how they can look and feel stylish when juggling so many things. Many have put style way down the list, resorting to sweatpants, UGG boots, yoga attire and other comfy pieces (all which tend to be a lot of black and white) as a daily uniform. This feels like giving up to some as many aren’t sure how to look “put together” while juggling hundreds of other things.

Making sure you have the basics covered in your closet is essential to ensuring that your closet not only keeps you stimulated as you’ll have the ease of pulling together multiple looks, but will also keep you current looking without being over-the-top trendy.

Here are a few comfortable basics every woman, should have in the closet:

  1. Great-fitting jeans you feel good in – preferably dark washed as they transition easily from casual to dressy. Try Yoga jeans – they have the chic appeal of denim but the comfort of a yoga pant.
  2. Get a trench coat in a vibrant color; this way you’ll have a classic piece with personality for years to come!
  3. Flats are chic and cushioning while you race around. But don’t cheap out to make sure you get a well-made shoe with some support.
  4. A blazer is essential. It’s an easy thing to toss over a camisole or t-shirt and instantly pumps up your wardrobe.
  5. T-shirts and cami’s in an array of colors are necessities. You can dress up or dress down either item with jeans and slacks or skirts.
  6. Statement jewelry is a must for every wardrobe. Get a few fun, bold pieces in metallic or gem-covered styles. Just don’t overdo it by sticking to the only two statement pieces at a time “rule.”
  7. Neutral gloss and mascara; no time for a full makeup routine? Adding a dash of gloss and swiping on some mascara will instantly brighten you’re look and make you look more polished for the day.

The basics will definitely keep you on track to being a stylish and multi-tasking wonder-woman.


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