The Biggest Lie We Tell Ourselves About Our Style

“I have nothing to wear” – ever say this?

 Ever say this while staring at a closet full of clothing?

 Yup. Me, too. 

 I think all women have been there. 


This is one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves when it comes to our style, shopping, and closets. It’s so common and we’ve come to except it as ‘normal’ when in fact, it’s not. 


Here are some of the top reasons why you may be uttering this phrase.


  1. Too much “stuff” in the closet. You need to-do a good purge and inventory check on what’s there. If you have different sizes, times in your life, stuff you tell yourself you’ll wear again – you don’t have a true picture of what you’re actually working with.
  2. I have nothing to wear REALLY means, “I’m not inspired to wear anything” – time to get inspired! Watch movies with great fashion, blogs, videos, books. Etc. They will spark your interest and influence you to produce something you think is fun.
  3. You haven’t taken the time to experiment. This is the biggest culprit. It’s like we think our clothing will throw a new outfit at us in the morning, and if it doesn’t? We settle for the same combo we always wear. Then we get BORED. So we buy instead of get creative (not that buying is bad, I love a good shopping moment). But shopping doesn’t solve the problem because that new piece will eventually become stale and then we’re back to the drawing board. See what I’m saying? Spend some time getting creative. Match tops and bottoms together you never have or use colourful accessories to bring other colour combos together in your closet you’ve never thought of. My Jumpstart Your Style program is the PERFECT solution for those that need to shake up their closet. It gives you amazing journaling prompts, tutorials and exercises (that I’ll be doing with you!) to show you how to crack open your closet AND create new outfits you love. PLUS, you see so many other women in the private community for this program doing the same thing and processing these same exercises, so the inspiration and creativity is next level. 


Take some time to play, be intentional and watch the outfit possibilities blossom.

Listen to the full podcast episode here  


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