Work From Home Outfits

Style doesn’t mean you have to toss comfort out of the window.

In fact, your clothing should not only make you feel good but also serve your lifestyle and be comfortable when you wear it.

Comfort and style can and do co-exist.

Amongst our call to globally stay in, to me, it’s more important than ever to wear comfortable things that feel stylish at home.

Getting dressed in way that feels good to me elevates my mood, makes me more productive, and lifts my energy.

Not only this, but it keeps my body-image in check and more positive as well.

A win-win.

This past weekend? A graphic tee and cords with a bold lip (cuz why not?), have been one of my go-to’s. If you need more home outfits, I have a recent video on my YouTube channel giving you lots of inspo for looks to rock at home that are comfy and chic.


If you want to take your closet and style up a notch from there, join my online class and Jumpstart Your Style.

🍾A 14 day program and workbook that are going to help you break out of your current style mold and get your creative juices flowing in your closet again!

👗A 21 page workbook with journalling prompts and exercises that will help you look at your closet differently, help you hone-in on what you love, and start seeing more of what's possible in your closet.

👠I'll also be joining you for 14 days -- showing you how I've done each of the style exercises in my closet (one per day) and thought through them to create more outfits from what I already have.

đŸ‘¯‍♂ī¸The best part is you'll be surrounded by a community of women, all doing the same thing -- cheering each other on, and providing a TON of outfit inspiration on how you can shake things up and start doing things differently.

Because the reality is, you can't get the different result you desire with your style by doing the same old thing.

You ready to jumpstart your style?! đŸ™Œ

Opportunity to register closes Friday.


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