Are you ready to FEEL EMPOWERED when you look in the mirror? 

Create a new story in your closet that represents YOU and the woman you are BECOMING?

Create unlimited outfit possibilities in your closet that light you UP?

Are you ready to gain CLARITY on what to look for that flatters your shape and makes you feel like a queen? 

  Your style gets to be easy, fun, and embody the woman you are RISING UP TO BE.


For Black Friday, I've created the ULTIMATE STYLE BUNDLE:


JUMPSTART YOUR STYLE: 14 videos helping you unlock your outfit possibilities and fun in your closet.

CLOSET CLARITY workbook showing you how to organize, purge, and maximize what you have!

HOW TO FIND & STYLE YOUR BODY: giving you the tools you need to find and dress your shape in a way that feels you good (at any shape and size)

You can click on any of the program links above to be taken to the individual detailed program page for more in-depth info on each.

This bundle will help you:

  • Create a style vision that serves you and provides clarity in your shopping and outfit creation.
  • Give you examples on how to create new outfit possibilities without the need to shop.
  • Show you what fabrics are best for your shape and why they matter.
  • Give principles that can be applied at ANY clothing size. 
  • Simplify your shopping and provide style clarity.
  • Provide you with knowledge on how to dress your shape and why.
  • Walk-you through outfit examples for each silhouette while showing why it works.
  • Provide tools that will help your maximize your closet.
  • Show you how to organize your clothing
  • Help you embrace your silhouette.


  • Give you a detailed workbook with notes about your shape, outfit examples that work (and why) and clothing pieces to be on the lookout for. No more guessing!
  • 3 workbooks filled with juicy journalling prompts, exercises and information that is a MUST in style.
  • A bonus video about petite women and style tips for them is also included.
  • Notes about how to best dress your silhouette that you can keep and reference at any time.
  • Have lifetime access to these courses. If there are any updates made to it in future, you can have them!


"Christies energy, experience/knowledge and ability to style women of all different body types and personal styles drew me to her. A lot of life changes were happening around the time I met Christie and working with her was like a fresh start!  Years later I am even more grateful to have met her and worked with her.  

The experience allowed me to grow, see things from a different perspective and gave me the knowledge and confidence to really hone in on my style, to embrace it and express myself. Just like everything in life, some things come easy to us and others not so much.  Fashion never really came easy to me.  I knew what I liked and the look I wanted but I didn’t understand why I wasn’t achieving it or how to tweak things to work for my body type.

You don't know what you don't know and the best solution is to seek someone who has the expertise to teach you.  Christie is the Teacher who shows by example and explains things in depth so you understand.  When you understand something, that knowledge gives you confidence to try new things, to have fun with it and get creative! She is a natural Stylist with so many awesome tips and tricks up her sleeve!

Christie has either heard it all or been there so she understands and has solutions and examples that put you at ease.  Her openness in sharing personal experiences and advice is uplifting, inspiring and enlightening! It is amazing how much you learn about yourself and how everything is connected!  When you look back on this experience and realize the difference in how you feel and how it affects all areas of your life, its mind-blowing! As a Creative, I know when you have passion for something, you get excited about it, you want to share it and you do it with love and enthusiasm and thats evident with Christie.

This isn’t just a job to her, its her passion and she genuinely wants her clients to be happy, to find their style and feel great about themselves! Thanks so much Christie! xoxo"

- Lianne G.


"I took this course and felt it was really worthwhile. Put the fun back in shopping. It’s a totally different experience going through stores because you can hone in right away on what will work which makes your fitting room adventure immensely satisfying!! Really loved this and refer back to it occasionally as a refresher so definitely well worth the investment." - Louise M.


"Ladies this course is life changing. I’ve never regretted this investment. You will use the info every day I promise! And you’ll feel so much better in your clothes!" - Michelle Z.

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  1. Will the course be mostly self-directed or do you plan of giving personal feedback too? The online course is 100% self-directed. The videos in it are very in-depth and will provide you with the tools you need to dress your shape beautifully.
  2. I’m super busy right now. What if I don’t have time to take the course now?  You have this content forever. And you can take the course completely at your own pace.
  3. I don’t live in Canada, can I still take the course? YES! This course is entirely online. You can participate from anywhere in the world!

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