Are you ready to CALL IN a better style for yourself?
Dress like the leading woman in your life?
To feel empowered when you look in the mirror and a confident woman staring back?
Are you ready to RISE to your highest and best self?

Currently you may feel:

  • Frustrated with your style. You don't feel it reflects who you are.
  • Unsure of why you can't seem to make your closet a feel good experience.
  • Ready for change in your life -- the next step to help you grow and evolve, but unsure of how to do it.
  • Tired of not feeling like you have empowering and fun outfit options for yourself.
  • Last on your priority list. Your style and figuring out what makes you feel next-level is frequently pushed off for when you have 'more time.'
  • Overwhelmed when thinking about how to start creating a style that speaks to you.
  • Scared about trying new trends, looks, or styles incase, 'you do it wrong'.
  • Like your image/style may be the perfect thing to help catapult you into your bigger dreams and vision for yourself.
  • Ready to level-up and create change for yourself - in your life and style.
  • Ready to feel empowered when you look in the mirror.

If you resonate with any of the above…



For over a decade, I’ve had women from all around the world share their frustrations and heart-ache when it comes to their style, closets, and body-image. I love helping them step into a world of possibilities when it comes to their style – allowing their clothing to be an outward expression of their inner most selves. Let's help you re-imagine a feel good style that brings more confidence, joy and fun into your life!



What does your closet say you are choosing for yourself? If it's not what you want, don't worry. I've got you covered and am here to show you the steps that will lead you to feeling more expressed, abundant and inspired about creating your style on YOUR terms. 

This is a no-brainer up-level for your style and closet! Any woman looking to rise up and call in her next-level self will LOVE the monthly tools, strategies and programs that are offered here!


(Less than $1.90 per day)

Exclusive Training:

Every month you'll receive a LIVE workshop via Zoom from Christie based around a specific theme of the month that will help you continue to evolve your style and RISE. Together, we look at the whole woman from the inside-out!

2 Brand New Courses!:

Exclusively for the Rise Through Style Society! 2 brand new courses:  

Your Style Story - $297 value  (what are you saying through style)and 
 5 Pillars of Style ($497) that every woman must know.

Both you get instant access to! (valued over $777!)

Personal Style Advice:

Ever wish you could have a stylist's help and ask questions? You'll have light access to me during our LIVE training and a monthly LIVE Q&A videos! I want you to feel supported and get clarity around any style questions you may have.

Outfits Ideas for Each Body-Shape

Want to see how a stylist would dress your shape? Each month, Christie will create outfits for each body-shape that you can shop or use as inspiration/information for your closet.

Style Exercises and Ideas:

Each month you'll be given style exercises to help you implement each of the trainings and give you ideas for your own style and closet! This is a fun way to rise your style and feel amazing!

Community & Support:

As bonus, you'll be given access to a private Facebook group of like minded women where you can ask style questions, get support, post pictures, share outfit ideas, epiphanies as you've gone through the trainings, and more!

Don't have Facebook? Our membership also allows for members to connect in the training sections.

Access to all Society trainings:

You’ll be able to login to view the courses, trainings and materials as long as you are a member! You can re-watch and love any past training or revisit any course material as many times as you'd like when in the Society. There is over 20 hours worth of video trainings and tools to browse anytime you'd like.


Each course and monthly training will come with a mini PDF workbook to help you absorb and work through the material further.


You'll receive a 30% off coupon for my program, "How-To Find and Style Your Body-Type" when signing up as a monthly member to help your style even further. Join annually and get it for free!

BONUS: Jumpstart Your Style!

As a bonus, you'll be given access to the Signature Program, Jumpstart Your Style for free ($147 value!).

14 videos showing you how to crack open outfit possibilities and your style (and watch Christie do them in her own closet as well for further inspo)!

BONUS: Exclusive Savings

As a Society member, you'll be given exclusive discounts to any future trainings Christie offers.


Every quarter, Christie will do a Shop Your Closet session with one of the members LIVE. It could be you!

Some of the topics that will covered in the Society

  • Fashion & Style (duh! Anything under this umbrella will be covered!)
  • Beauty
  • Confidence
  • Self-Esteem
  • Fear/holding back
  • Vintage
  • Accessorizing
  • Style Dimensions 
  • Money mindset/budgeting
  • Growth as a woman
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Capsules
  • Trends
  • shopping
  • levels of dress
  • Mindset
  • Creating your own rules
  • Empowerment
  • shopping your closet
  • colours
  • Fit
  • Vision
  • Trends
  • Colour stories
  • Vintage



I’ve been a successful stylist for over a decade now and work with women of all ages and sizes; helping them look and feel beautiful, inside and out. I have been the go-to expert for style advice for numerous media outlets across North America such as: CTV News, Breakfast Television, Global News, CBC’s Steven & Chris, Huffington Post, CHCH, Cosmo TV, Chatelaine, Toronto Star, The Hamilton Spectator and many more.  I’ve delivered hundreds of workshops to corporations, women’s groups, and schools discussing self confidence, style, and image all over North America. Here are a few places I’ve been featured as a fashion expert:


Upon purchasing the Rise Through Style Society you have full access to all of it's content, so you can get started at any time!

You can jump into the two brand new courses regarding Your Style Story (what are you saying through style). This gives you two workbooks to process and exercises work through (which you can share your results in the community!). 

From there, you can move onto the other exclusive training, the 5 Pillars Of Style. Each Pillar giving you more info, exercises and material to work with to take your style up a notch!

And when you're ready, you can also participate in the Jumpstart Your Style program!

Everything included is meant to build on top of one another to help serve you on your style journey and create clarity for you and make you feel empowered and beautiful in the process.

Each month, you will receive a separate email containing information regarding the monthly trainings and when they will take place. All trainings will be recorded and available for replay at any time you choose to re-watch!


Registration is now closed.

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  1. Will the membership be mostly self-directed or do you plan of giving personal feedback too? The society is self-directed. There’s no individual coaching. Christie will be available through the LIVE trainings and Q&A's.
  2. What if I decide the Rise Through Style Society isn't for me?  You can cancel at anytime! I only want women to join that are committed and want to be there. It keeps the energy high-vibe! 
  3. What if I can't make a live session/recording? All sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the membership portal afterward to watch. Have a question you're dying to ask and can't make it live? You can submit it beforehand.
  4. If I cancel, am I out of the membership immediately?  You will have until the end of the month. You will no longer have access to any of the bonus courses or Jumpstart Your Style after the month has ended.
  5. Can I receive a refund after payment if I change my mind? Due to the nature of the membership and the fact that you have instant access to my materials, no refunds are provided.
  6. Can you guarantee specific results? I love this training process and I deeply believe in what I teach. I’ve been in this business for over a decade as a successful stylist and can’t wait to help you explore your style possibilities!

More Questions? Email: [email protected]

DISCLAIMER: Because I have to say this: I can’t guarantee or warrant results. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

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