Are you looking to SHOW YOURSELF SELF-LOVE and indulge in some stylish me-time?

Are you looking to create a style that feels like “you” and is put together?

Are you ready to take control of your style and no longer worry about what to wear?

Currently you may feel:

  • You often resort to the ‘same old thing’, but you’re becoming bored with wearing the same outfits time and time again.
  • You have items in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in years, still hanging up ‘just in case’ you may wear them again.
  • Unsure of what your body-type is and/or how to flatter your shape.
  • Pieces you loved in store remain unused in your wardrobe because you aren’t sure how to create an outfit with them.
  • You’ve looked at your closet in the morning and said “I have nothing to wear”.
  • Envious of women who always look “put together”. You’d like to achieve the same aesthetic.
  • Frustrated with all of the clutter; you’re unsure what to get rid of and what to keep.
  • Frustrated when shopping. You’re tired of going into stores and coming out empty handed or unsure if what you bought works for you.
  • Unsure of what clothing looks good on you or how to take your style to the next level.
  • Feel like your style doesn’t reflect who you are as a person.

If you resonate with any of the above…

All the women I’ve worked with over the past decade feel the same way. They’ve felt the frustration; lack of confidence, and uncertain of how-to style their body-type in a way that seamlessly fits well into their lifestyle and personal taste. I’ve been able to show them how to put together new, fresh looks from their own closet, how-to uncover hidden gems they had passed over hundreds of times when putting together outfits, and how-to shop in a way that alleviates frustration, tears, and wasted hours roaming the stores. Each woman I’ve been able to help discover fashion in a way that feels like an authentic representation of who they are. I LOVE helping women translate the world of fashion and style and cannot wait to-do the same with you!

“Before taking this course, I had previously done the colour analysis with Christie and was completely blown away at the difference the right colour choices made in my appearance which led me to take Christie’s Online Personal Style course. Although I bought clothing in the correct colours, things that looked great on other women, didn’t look so great on me. With this course, I learned my body shape, my style, and how to dress/style myself authentically! The investment of the course will definitely pay for itself with the savings from money spent on the wrong items. Shopping will never be the same again! All of this wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for a search on YouTube for ways to streamline my closet. That’s how I found Christie and I’m SO glad I did! Thank you Christie for creating such a wonderful course for all of us outside of Canada! It truly is the most invaluable information for anyone wanting to up their fashion sense and take their look from ordinary to extraordinary!! XoXoXo” – Demechi L.

“A few years ago, Christie Ressel basically changed my entire outlook on clothing, fashion and the importance of forward your best personal image. Without a doubt, using Christie’s services has been one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Once an aimless shopper trying to squeeze in to the next “trend”, Christie made me realize that I didn’t need to do a complete overhaul of my wardrobe, or make drastic changes to achieve my own look. From clothing to shoes and accessories, to pairing pieces together I never would have imagined doing, I now dress with confidence knowing that I can look good and be totally comfortable in a style that expresses who I am. As someone who spent years on television, it was always important to have a put-together look that was both professional and expressive of my own style. But the things I’ve learned from Christie have transcended every aspect of my life. Shopping now has never been more fun. I’m more conscious of what I buy, based on being able to zone in on my colours and flattering fits. I can immediately identify what I know won’t work or what to pass on. Since meeting with Christie, I have lost count of how many times friends, family, coworkers, even complete stangers, have come up to me and commented on my “well put-together look”. Hearing that never gets old!What’s so great about Christie is that she not only brings an in-depth knowledge and expertise of her field to the table, but always includes elements of fun and flair to her work. She is an absolute dream to work with and be around. Christie’s positivity and caring attitude is infectious and her passion clearly shines through in every thing she does. Let me put it this way. Thanks to Christie, I realize now that it’s not only about buying the right sweater or boots. Nor it it about having the latest fad hanging in my closet. It’s about knowing how to use and maximize what you’ve got, and feel good about it. That’s true style. Please, do yourself a favour and let this woman work her incredible wonders on you. I promise, you will not be disappointed. ” – Jackie V.



How-to use your unique tastes, body-type, personality, and turn-it into your own personal style.


I’ll provide you with specific, detailed information about how-to figure out what your body-type is, and most importantly, how-to style it (as well as things to avoid).

Stylist Secrets:

I’m going to give you insider secrets on how lines manipulate the body, what necklines are best, how-to use accessories, how-to mix and wear colour, and how to use it to your advantage so you always look put together and on-point when you get dressed.

Style direction:

Ever wonder why some looks/outfits suit some people so well but can look horrible on others? I’ll help you identify what your personality style is so that you can easily select pieces that suit you every time you shop.

Closet help:

Let’s get ready to shop your closet! Let’s get rid of the clutter and pieces that don’t serve you, and uncover the hidden gems that help you communicate who you are and what your taste is. We’ll also show you how to create looks from what you already have as well as how to create your own look-book for outfit ideas on busy mornings.

Personal Style advice:

You get light contact with me! I’ll be helping guide you through the course and responding to your questions throughout the whole course in the Facebook group.

Lifetime access to the Personal Style Course:

You’ll be able to login to the course anytime you want, forever. Because of this, any updates and upgrades the course may receive in future you’ll also have access too!

Strategic homework:

Strategic homework to help you discover your personal style and help you navigate your way through the material.


Transcripts of each of the training modules! If you’re someone that learns better through reading rather than watching, no problem.

Six Personal Style Workbooks:

The workbooks will help you map out ideas, provide you with coles notes, and allow you to work-through each week’s training. I, of course, will be available to help you when you need it in the group.

A bonus LIVE Q&A:

A bonus LIVE Q&A at the end of the training in the private group for the Personal Style course! You’ll have access to me during this live to ask me any questions you may have. I can’t wait to chat with you!


Get an online colour analysis FREE when you join our early-bird registration (valued at $175)!

“I’ve been so happy with my style and how it evolved in this group and during the personal style course! It is very liberating to just to allow myself to dress in a way that makes me happy. I don’t worry about what others think, I just dress for my authentic self every day 😎.

Thank you, Christie, for giving me that freedom!” – Sarah P. 

“I thought twice about the cost of this and was skeptical as to how hands on an online course could be. Well, I’m happy to report I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Christie not only took us through every aspect of our closets but with the help of the private FaceBook group, answered every single question promptly and throughly. With the others in the class posting photos and questions it felt like we were all together and working as a group. The knowledge that Christie has given me has let me revamp my closet to not only work better for my environment but has also let me be more comfortable in my clothes which obviously made me feel and look better. I’ve already raved about this course to several others and will continue to do so.” – Dawn


*The modules each week can range from approx. 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Week One:
How-to identify what style you like, what inspires you and why. This week we’ll be discussing how to find joy in your style, the evolution of style, how-to step out of your style comfort zone, and figure out what your style goals are as well as your lifestyle requirements.

Week Two:
This week, we’ll be discussing the body-type in-depth as well other factors to take into consideration when it comes to your style such as your bone structure, somatotype, facial shape, and more. We’ll go over all of the principles in great detail and discuss how you will be able to identify yours also. How-to dress each shape will also be discussed in-depth.

Week Three:
Ever wonder why some clothing seems to suit some people and not others? I’ll teach you how-to identify your personality style. We’ll go over what the different style personalities are so you can discover what yours is and how you can begin to incorporate that into your closet.

Week Four:
Let’s talk about how to accessorize. How can you dress up any look or how can you dress it down? What kind of accessories should you get? How many accessorizes should you wear? Can you wear evening accessories during the day? Ever wondered how you could wear those gorgeous shoes you bought for a wedding more often? I’ll answer your questions and show you how accessories can completely impact your look.

Week Five:
Let’s shop your closet! We’re going to discuss why many say, “I have nothing to wear”, how-to solve that problem, and then talk about how to-do a proper closet makeover: what to keep, purge, etc. I’m also going to show you how-to mix and match your clothing so you can take a few pieces and turn them into multiple outfits! In addition, we’ll also talk about how to create a proper shopping list for yourself based on any gaps you may have in your closet.

Week Six:
Let’s talk shopping! There are SO many options on where to shop nowadays it can be overwhelming; I totally get it. I’ll show you some easy shopping hacks to help you decipher where to go, and where I recommend looking for certain pieces (including some of my favourite shopping destinations!). I’ll provide you with a shopping list of goodies I recommend you have in your closet as suggestions also.

Week Seven:
Let’s discuss some important style info! We’ll cover essential information regarding fit, proportions, and how lines manipulate the eye (and what that means for your outfits!).

Week Eight:

We’re going LIVE in the private Facebook group for the course (the video will be forever saved and available for replay in the group if you don’t have time to join the LIVE session). We’re going to talk about merging your new and old pieces together, how to create a look-book to keep track of your outfits, how often to check-in on your style and whether it’s changed, and let you ask me any additional questions you may have. We’ll have a glass of wine and get chatting together!

“I received Christie’s Personal Style Course as a Christmas gift from my husband. What a fun and educational eight weeks! The weekly videos were informative and extensive. I honestly never knew there were so many elements to creating your own personal style. I have gone from standing in my closet and thinking, “I have nothing to wear,” to having several modules put together that I can pull from on any given day. I have an endless number of outfits now and know how to accessorize them. Christie’s personal help on the private Facebook page has been invaluable. She is very involved with the group and quick to offer encouragement, feedback, and detailed guidance. This was a fantastic course. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to establish or refine their own personal style!” – Ronnette

“The best two words I can give you about Christie? HIRE HER. My closet was a mish-mash of disposable pieces I purchased to get me through whatever season I was in, and nothing worked together. There was no cohesion in my closet and I was turning into the frumpy “lululemons and a t-shirt” mom.

Simply by wearing the appropriate colours for makeup and clothing and buying clothes that fit properly, I felt like a new person. Friends and family immediately commented that I looked years younger and pounds lighter; an impressive feat when dealing with a toddler and an infant all day. One great thing about Christie is that she didn’t try to change who I was; on the contrary, she really listened to what I said and brought out who I was and what I was comfortable in. She pushed me out of my comfort zone a little bit to encourage my to try new things and I look better as a result. (I now actually wear accessories, thanks to her.) She works miracles in stores, pulling together outfits you would never have managed on your own.

As skilled as she is with makeup, determining your colours and being a shopping whiz, Christie is one of the most fun, personable and genuine people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She makes you feel as if you’re out shopping with your best friend. My makeover with Christie left me feeling 10 years younger and 20lbs lighter! Everyone needs to work with her – do it for yourself!” – Melissa G


This course is held completely online! I’ll give you all of the materials mentioned above.

The first seven teaching modules (30 mins – 2 hours each in length) have been recorded for you in a video format. The one module will be recorded live with you in Facebook. You have completely unlimited replays to watch whenever you’d like.

You will receive access to the Private 2019 Personal Style Course Facebook group just before the course begins.  That is where you’ll be able to connect with me and the other students!

This course starts January 13, 2020. 

You will receive access to Week One on this day (and will received a notification email). You will be given access to Week Two, 7 days after that. Module Three will be open for you 7 days after that.

The course content is yours to keep and review whenever you’d like.


  1. Will the course be mostly self-directed or do you plan of giving personal feedback too? The course will largely be self-directed. However, I will be available and will be providing feedback in the private Facebook group throughout the course constantly: answering questions, providing feedback, and empowering you with your style! Plus, we’ll have our LIVE session in the group at the end as well!
  2. How often will this program be offered? This course will be available once a year only.
  3. I’m super busy right now. What if I don’t have time to take the course now? A module will be delivered each week, but is up to you when you start. You have this content forever. And you can take the course completely at your own pace.
  4. Are you offering a payment plan? Yes! You will find the payment options at the bottom of this page.
  5. What can I expect from this course? A comprehensive step-by-step explanation on how-to find your personal style. Everything you need to help you hone-in on what your personal style is laid out for you. A personal style coach to help encourage and guide you through it. I’m passionate about translating the world of fashion for women in a practical, easy way that you can integrate into your life with a dose of fun.
  6. How long will it take me to create my personal style? Some people will figure their style out within the 8 weeks of the course by following along each week. Some people will take a few months as they work through the material at their own pace. Others will take longer than that if they like to take baby-steps. There is no rush; it’s entirely done at your comfort level.
  7. Can you guarantee specific results? I love this course process and I deeply believe in what I teach. The testimonials on this page are from real live people who have hired me, followed my recommendation and got great results.

More Questions? Email:

DISCLAIMER: Because I have to say this: I can’t guarantee or warrant results. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

“Awesome course! I took it and highly recommend it! Best investment you can make for yourself!” – Michelle Z.

“Honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done just for me. I wish I had been able to do something like this years (decades) ago! If I had a daughter or daughter in law I’d give this as a gift.” – Dawn F

I started to follow Christie on YouTube at a moment when I was feeling bad about my body and had lost a lot of my self-confidence. Not only did her deep knowledge about style and colors convinced me to take “How-to create your personal style” course, but also her beautiful energy, radiance and speaking of love and self-love! And I don’t regret it! This course has not only given me a shoot of energy and self-confidence with the colors I can wear and the style that can be mine, but it has literally changed my life! I’ve recognized my self-confidence and the ability to realize the dreams I had when I was young and that I had forgotten. Christie was my guide during a beautiful journey in fashion 🙂 Trust her, you won’t regret it! - Laurence from Belgium

“Thanks a million times for this amazing course. It has during these 8-9 weeks changed my thoughts and life in a wonderful way.

I love the way that you have build this course around who I myself describe me as an individual and my goals. That you present tons of relevant and high level information about colors, style, body types, personality styles, wardrobe basics, building modules, accessories and much more in a very inspiring and easy to translate into use way.

Its wonderful to learn how to get up to 1,750 outfits from only 35 items! To be able to save a lot of money on buying the wrong clothes or to be able to invest in better quality instead. Such a pleasure to be able to shop for clothes that will fit me, my closet and my wallet.

In this process I all the time felt that I had good support and quick feedback from you in the Facebook group. Being together with other course participants has also taught me a lot and I love that the group can exist for some months. It is very useful to be in a supportive community like this.

Only 8 weeks ago I mostly saw my “faults” like my stomach, bulgy legs and redspottet skin in my face and were hiding myself in much too big clothes. Now I am much more happy and I can truly say that I can see that I am beautiful. I am so thankful!

All the love to the moon and back.” – Martine B.

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