Are you ready to HAVE CLARITY AND FEEL INSPIRED about your closet again?

Are you looking to SHAKE THINGS UP in your closet?

Are you ready to explore new OUTFIT POSSIBILITIES you'll love?

Currently you may feel:

  • You often resort to the ‘same old thing’, but you’re becoming bored with wearing the same outfits time and time again.
  • You have items in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in years, still hanging up ‘just in case’ you may wear them again.
  • Overwhelmed with what you have and don't know where to start when it comes to clearing it out.
  • Ready to get clear on what you have and making it work for you and your style.
  • Unsure how to best organize what you have and get clear on what you need.
  • Like you've lost the fun in your style and aren't sure what to-do next to bring some fun and creativity back into your closet.

If you resonate with any of the above…


For over a decade, I’ve had women from all around the world share their frustrations and heart-ache when it comes to their style, closets, and body-image. I love helping them step into a world of possibilities when it comes to their style – allowing their clothing to be an outward expression of their inner most selves.



Every woman deserves to step into her closet and feel excitement about the possibilities that await her there. The stories and messages she desires to communicate about the woman she is… and who she is becoming.

“A few years ago, Christie Ressel basically changed my entire outlook on clothing, fashion and the importance of forward your best personal image. Without a doubt, using Christie’s services has been one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Once an aimless shopper trying to squeeze in to the next “trend”, Christie made me realize that I didn’t need to do a complete overhaul of my wardrobe, or make drastic changes to achieve my own look. From clothing to shoes and accessories, to pairing pieces together I never would have imagined doing, I now dress with confidence knowing that I can look good and be totally comfortable in a style that expresses who I am. As someone who spent years on television, it was always important to have a put-together look that was both professional and expressive of my own style. But the things I’ve learned from Christie have transcended every aspect of my life. Shopping now has never been more fun. I’m more conscious of what I buy, based on being able to zone in on my colours and flattering fits. I can immediately identify what I know won’t work or what to pass on. Since meeting with Christie, I have lost count of how many times friends, family, coworkers, even complete stangers, have come up to me and commented on my “well put-together look”. Hearing that never gets old!What’s so great about Christie is that she not only brings an in-depth knowledge and expertise of her field to the table, but always includes elements of fun and flair to her work. She is an absolute dream to work with and be around. Christie’s positivity and caring attitude is infectious and her passion clearly shines through in every thing she does. Let me put it this way. Thanks to Christie, I realize now that it’s not only about buying the right sweater or boots. Nor it it about having the latest fad hanging in my closet. It’s about knowing how to use and maximize what you’ve got, and feel good about it. That’s true style. Please, do yourself a favour and let this woman work her incredible wonders on you. I promise, you will not be disappointed. ” – Jackie V.



A workbook to download and use as many times as you'd like to help jumpstart your style.

Journaling prompts:

You'll get prompts to help you think about what you want with your style, where you'd like to go, and what a feel-good style is to you.

Stylist Secrets:

Style secrets via exercises, 7 videos (approx. 1 hour each) and a workbook that can really help you hone-in on a closet that will make you feel good, is organized and functions for your lifestyle.

Style Exercises:

The thing is, nothing will change if we don't put what we want into practice. I'll provide you with exercises that you can experiment with in your own closet to help you purge, organize and get clear about what you want. I'll be talking you through each exercise throughout the program so you can get my thought process and ask questions.

Closet Clarity:

Exercises and journalling prompts to help you explore what you have, what you want, and have you looking at what you have in your closet in a different light.

"This course was the second in a series and I enjoyed it as much as the first. The course was more in depth about turning your closet into an asset that works for you. There was a lot of information and strategic "purging" which was really fun. I didn't really understand modules and capsules until this time around, and now I can see the unlimited possibilities in my closet. Christie and all the ladies in the group made the experience very enjoyable and helpful!"

Jeanne B.


Upon purchasing this program, you'll be granted instant access to download the program's workbook so that you can jump right into the material. The workbook is broken up into journalling prompts and practical exercises you can do to get begin exploring your closet, explore what you like (and what you don't), and help you navigate how you can shop your own closet and decide what's worth keeping...and what's not.

We'll be covering topics such as:

  • Your style vision, purging your closet, organization, clothing fit, accessorizing, how-to create outfits, how-to deal with items you keep "just in case", sentimental pieces and much more!


To help give you some ideas and so you can see how I would help my clients navigate shopping their closet, I'm guiding you on this style journey!

In a members portal, you'll have access to 7 live recorded videos (about 1 hr each) that show you how I recommend you tackle each of the closet exercises and share my thoughts behind some of the journalling prompts.

"I took the Closet Curation Course with Christie, It's one of the best Courses I ever taken! She teaches all the you need to know to Clean your Closet. I didn't realize that I have purchased a lot of clothing, but had nothing to wear; in Christie's Course I learned how to Clean my Closet, which garments suit my style, and also how to put outfits together, by using her method with Modules. I recommend it a 100%, not only This course, but the other ones as well."

Silvia C.


This program and workbook is held completely online! I’ll give you all of the materials mentioned above.

You have completely unlimited replays to watch whenever you’d like.


The workbook is yours to keep to review and reuse as many times as you'd like.

"Through Christie’s Next-Level Closet Curation, I have rediscovered the stories my style and clothing tell me about myself. Some old stories and clothes that do not fit who I am anymore (okay, gained a few pounds) have left the house. As we dug further and further into our closets, and completed more of the workbook, I felt like I was on an exploration of self. Not only did we thread by thread have the opportunity to look at each article of clothing in our closet, thinking about whether or not we liked it, but going even deeper and deciding if it deserved a place in the closet, truly representing who we are. I learned so much about myself through the journaling Christie suggests as part of the course (included in the workbook). In fact it is the base upon which I curated my closet. I don't know if Christie truly knows the gift she gives through these courses and workbooks. It’s not about buying, buying, buying, it’s about imagining, curating and celebrating who we each are. And I even discovered I need a great pair of red pants in my life! Kudos Christie, for taking so much time during the “live” sessions to answer all our questions and show us through outfits, shoes, and accessories in your own closet, how to be our best selves. I can see taking this course in spring and fall or at least annually to re-evaluate how I have evolved and even further curate my closet to represent that woman! Thank you! "

Karen S.

"Having taken the Jumpstart Your Style and Next Level Closet Curation courses I can honestly say that I have rediscovered the joy of putting outfits together, of rediscovering my style. There is a great satisfaction in discovering new combinations of clothes you already own. Previously I was stuck in old thought patterns of having nothing to wear and couldn't see how versatile a closet I already had."

Paula F.

"I now follow her on her YouTube channel, Instagram, and Twitter – her advice and product reviews are spot on! Although she has taught me so much already, I still try to find ways to work with Christie. She has helped me find myself, love myself, and empower myself. From one woman to another – invest in yourself and welcome Christie into your world and treat yourself to champagne experience!"

Sharmistha M.

Investment: $222 USD



  1. Will the course be mostly self-directed or do you plan of giving personal feedback too? The course will be self-directed. 
  2. How often will this workshop be offered? As of right now, this is a one-time only offer.
  3. I’m super busy right now. What if I don’t have time to take the course now?  You have this content forever. And you can go through the workbook completely at your own pace.
  4. Are you offering a payment plan? Not at this time.
  5. What can I expect from this course? Journalling prompts, exercises, and videos to help inspire you and to get you to start looking at your closet differently. I’m passionate about translating the world of fashion for women in a practical, easy way that you can integrate into your life with a dose of fun.
  6. Can you guarantee specific results? I deeply believe in what I teach and am sharing exercises and tips that I give my clients. 

More Questions? Email: [email protected]

DISCLAIMER: Because I have to say this: I can’t guarantee or warrant results. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

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