Online Color Analysis



You have black in your closet. A lot of it. It’s slimming, classic, and easy to pair with other items in your closet; who wouldn’t want to wear it? Lately you’ve been wondering what colours may look great on you. You may not currently wear color a lot, but your curious about what ones may be best to wear, or which hues are best worn together. You aren’t sure how to incorporate it into an outfit yourself.

You may also be looking to simplify your shopping. There are hundreds of options in stores that you’d like to filter through knowing what makes you look good. You’d even like to know what colours are best when it comes to your hair, make-up and accessories.

You want to look fresh, glowing and current.

There are a lot of great perks to trying this fun online color analysis appointment, such as:

  • Getting a healthy looking glow on your skin
  • Looking more youthful.
  • Saving time and money on shopping (weed through the mass selection of clothing in an instant!)
  • Smooth out your skin tones.
  • Brighten the whites of your eyes and teeth naturally.
  • Saving time and frustration by confidently knowing what to look for in a store.
  • Knowing what makeup colours to select for yourself.
  • An understanding of what colours are best for your hair color.
  • Understand what colors are best in your wardrobe and accessories.
  • Creating a wardrobe that flawlessly mixes and matches within itself.
  • Only selecting pieces for your wardrobe that you know will make you look great.
  • Give your hair a healthier and shinier look.
  • Get the new edge in business and image.
  • Reinforce your body’s positive energy…you’ll literally be wearing the law of attraction!
  • Have that “wow” factor effortlessly!

If you’ve been looking into having your colors done, you’ve likely poured over hundreds of tutorials and images over the internet. You may have even had a color analysis done years ago, but want to see if things are the same or perhaps you can’t remember what your initial palette was.

As a professionally trained image consultant and color expert, I can help. I’m based in Toronto meaning you may not be able to get to me physically, so I’m happy to offer my color analysis services from the comfort of your home.

How it works:

  • I’ll request some pictures of your face and eyes with no makeup on (don’t worry, they can easily be taken with your phone!) I’ll email you my specific requirements for the pictures.
  • Once we receive the above, we’ll get started on your colour analysis!

What you’ll receive:

I use the current colour analysis system (Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer — each having their own ‘sub categories/flows’).

  • A PDF detailing what your colour palette is, discussing the undertone of your skin, your colors, well as a mini colour wallet you can print off and bring with you on shopping excursions (a physical color fabric swatch wallet is available for purchase).
  • You’ll  also receive some larger digital individual colour slides to add to your phone or iPad to use when shopping or simply going through your closet to use as reference (both in your colours and others you should stay away from for comparison).
  • You will also receive instructions on how to best utilize your color wallet and palette to make ensure you don’t miss any of your favourite colours.
  • We’ll share with you the best times of the year for you to shop based on your palette, and when to score the best sales, too!
  • We will also provide suggestions on what makeup is best for you to wear (foundation colour, eye shadow shades, lipstick, mascara and the brands we suggest).

Analysis can take up to one week to complete after you have sent us the required pictures we will request from you after purchase.

Investment: $175.00 USDpaypal_buynow





Want a physical colour analysis wallet mailed to you instead of a digital copy?

$249.00 USD

All online sales are final and subject to these terms.