One of the best ways to add more income to your business while helping others create more impact through their image is with colour analysis.



Color analysis adds instant value to your offerings in-person and online:

  • Help men and women find colours that create a stronger presence.
  • Assist with ideal makeup choices that make them look their best.
  • Consult on best hair colours that compliment their skin tone.
  • Create more ease with shopping by directing them on the colours that are best suited for them in their clothing and accessories.
  • Saves your clients money by creating more strategy and clarity on what to shop for.
  • Allows for more outfit potential as the colours within a palette will all mix and match. 
  • Reinforces the body's natural energy. 
  • Creates a healthier image and makes the natural white of the eyes and teeth look brighter.
  • Creates an instant wow factor.
  • Is a lot of fun for both you and your clients!

A short video on the comparison of the images above.


Glowing reviews from past clients:


I’ve been a successful stylist for over 14 years now, and as a trained colour analyst myself, I have taught colour analysis in colleges and currently train other personal stylists. I have been performing colour analysis services both in-person and online for 14 years now.

I have been the go-to expert for style advice for numerous media outlets across North America: CTV News, Breakfast Television, Global News, CBC’s Steven & Chris, Huffington Post, CHCH, Cosmo TV, Chatelaine, Toronto Star, The Hamilton Spectator and many more. In addition, I’ve delivered hundreds of workshops to corporations, women’s groups, and schools discussing self-confidence, style, and image all over North America. Here are a few places I’ve been featured as a fashion expert:

Here's what's covered in this program:

Each module is dripped out once per week.

We will begin by covering what colour analysis is, and what's it's not. We'll also cover:

  • Basic colour theory
  • Colour dimensions
  • Colour psychology
  • Colour terminology

There are 16 palettes in total to learn about. In this module, we will focus on the 4 core seasons before getting into their flows:

  • In-depth descriptions of each.
  • Characteristics of each (eye colours, patterns, hair, skin tone and textures.)
  • The personality of each season.
  • The colours.
  • How to analyze each.

The remaining 12 palettes will be looked at:

  • In-depth descriptions of each.
  • Characteristics of each (eye colours, patterns, hair, skin tone and textures.)
  • The personality of each season.
  • The colours.
  • How to analyze each.

We will dive into the colour analysis process for in-person sessions:

  • Lighting.
  • Tools needed.
  • Client prep.
  • Walkthrough of the process (you'll see real clients analyzed and how the sessions unfold).
  • Explanation of colour use post-session to clients.

We will dive into the colour analysis process for virtual sessions as they require a different finesse:

  • Types of virtual color analysis sessions you can offer.
  • Lighting, photos, and tools needed.
  • Client prep and directions.
  • Walkthrough of the process (you'll see different seasonal clients analyzed and how virtual reports are prepped and analyzed).
  • Explanation of colour use post-session to clients.

Implementation for yourself and clients! We'll discuss more about: 

  • Where to begin with clothing and accessories.
  • What to do with prints.
  • How to create more versatility in the closet. 
  • Makeup and hair recommendations.

Giving you a behind the scenes look at how I've created regular $10k months by selling colour analysis. I'm going to walk you through some simple marketing techniques so you can create colour clients on-demand with ease as well as how to price yourself.

Value of $1800 alone!

We'll do a live Q&A via Zoom to answer any additional questions you have to create clarity about this incredible service you can create for your business! 

In addition, you also get:

Lifetime Access to the content

Watch and re-watch the program anytime you need a refresh. You'll also have access to any updates the program receives.

Workbooks to work the material

Worksheets and notes to help you process the information.

Private community for support

Connect with other students as they journey through this process. Christie will lightly be available to answer questions in the group during the program. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions? Email: [email protected]

Professional colour drapes are not included but links to where you can purchase professional colour tools will be included. Sample virtual colours will be provided for learning purposes.

At this time, this is a one-time offering.

A module will be delivered each week, but it is up to you when you start. So you have this content forever. And you can take the course entirely at your own pace.

Yes! You will find the payment options above.

A comprehensive step-by-step explanation on how to become a colour analyst. Everything you need to help you hone in on how to add this service into your business or create a business around colour is provided for you. A personal style coach who’s been through it all to help encourage and guide you through it. 

I love this course process and I deeply believe in what I teach. The testimonials on this page are from real live people who have hired me as clients, followed my recommendation and got great results. I’ve been in this business for over a decade as a successful stylist who's trained in colour analysis and can’t wait to help you do the same! DISCLAIMER: Because I have to say this: I can’t guarantee or warrant results. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.


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