Are you ready to be CREATIVE and EMPOWERED?

Are you ready to CREATE a life and BUSINESS YOU LOVE?

Want to break into personal styling or up-level your current styling business?

Currently, you may feel:

- Ready to professionally help others with their style. Friends and family often compliment your great fashion sense and ask for your help when they go shopping.

- Like you want to help women embrace their style and feel good about themselves.

-Passionate about the fashion industry and are looking to break into it.

- Excited about creating a full-time business in fashion.

- Lost on where to start when wanting to become a personal stylist or how to grow your existing business.

- Unsure of what information you need in order to get started, how-to communicate and handle clients, how-to price your services, and get clients for your styling business.

- Unsure of what the body-types are and/or how to flatter each shape, or how to dress someone else’s shape.

- Ready to step into your own. You’re ready to be in control of your schedule, time, and income.


I have been a coach in sports and group fitness since I was a teenager and I have helped friends and family with their styling problems for just as long, and have always loved it! When I decided to start my own business and serve other women in combining the power of physical strength with the power of personal style I turned to Christie and her style coach training. Having followed Christie for many years as she has lit up Youtube and Instagram with her knowledge and passion for style there was no doubt in my mind that she was the right person to turn to. And she was! I had high expectations of the training and its contents and they were beyond exceeded! The information provided in this training is not something you can just find by searching online. It's all very professional, from the weekly lessons to the workbooks and feedback in the facebook group yet still presented with the warmth and passion that Christie always exudes. I got way more than I bargained for in the best way possible!
 - Karin M.

About a year ago I decided to start my own Personal Shopping and Wardrobe Consulting business. I was searching for a mentor online and found Christie on YouTube. I was immediately drawn to her wonderful personality, drive, and obvious extensive knowledge of fashion. After following her on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for some time, I truly trusted and admired Christie and I decide to sign up for her Online Personal Stylist Training Course. And I am so glad that I did! Through this course I have been trained in body types, somatotypes, personality styles in clothing, degrees of formality in business dress, how to accessorize, where to shop and much more. I own this course for life which is so handy if I ever want to go back and review some information. Christie’s Personal Stylist Training Course is invaluable. Tons of videos, transcripts, workbooks, a private Facebook group, live Q & A and more. This course is jam packed with information and truly is worth it. Christie is there for you the whole time, answering questions, emails, and cheering you on. I feel empowered and confident in my attained knowledge and proud to say I am now a certified Personal Stylist. Not only that, I feel like I have gained a friend, too. Thank you, Christie, for everything!

Sarah-Jane, W.

All of the aspiring stylists I’ve helped over the years have felt the same way. They’re ready to embrace their creative flair and help others feel beautiful as they empower them to do the same.

I’ve been able to show stylists how-to style women in an authentic, real way that suits each individual they come across, while also running a business that feels good to them.

I LOVE helping aspiring and working stylists navigate this industry so that they are able to create a business they love, an income that supports them full-time, while also helping women look and feel beautiful everyday. I cannot wait to-do the same with you!

I’ve discovered Christie’s YouTube channel back in April 2019 and found out about the Personal Stylist course shortly after. Finally - almost 1.5 years later -  I decided to invest in myself and my business and signed up. I’ve not regretted this one second! I’ve always been into style and fashion and just love to help women look and feel beautiful and after mainly being a stay-at-home mom for almost 16 years, I registered my own personal stylist business back in January this year. I absolutely loved this course and highly recommend it! The Personal Stylist training helped me so much to finally have the professional knowledge behind everything and gave me the confidence and believe to officially call myself a personal stylist. This course is worth every penny, it is very detailed and the perfect tool to start your own styling business!  - Julia S.


In this program, we will cover...


Stylist basics and what you need to know in order to set yourself up for success. We will cover how to communicate through image with intention, the energy of style, how to create an extended team, style consultations, and getting started.


Knowing how to dress anyone, any shape, and any size is essential. We dive beyond the basic body shapes and get into the blueprint of how to dress someone. Petites, plus, fabrics, style dimensions, textures, bone structure and so much more. We’ll go beyond basic styling and elevate your skilling skills to be next level.


Ever wonder why people are drawn to the styles they are? Want your clients to feel fully aligned with who they are? Want to help them discover the essence of who they are? This is personality styling – we discuss how to help your clients self-actualize through style. We’ll teach you this inviable tool that will give you an edge over other stylists.


Transform any look from day to play and become a master at accessorizing any look.


Help your clients dress for any occasion with flare. Here, we discover the different lifestyles of dress, things to consider with each, and how to have your client stand out in a crowd.


Breaking down how to go through a wardrobe and personal shopping session with your clients. We’ve even provided a live wardrobe session to watch with Christie as well so you can hear what clients ask and what to expect.


This module will provide you with all the details you need to set up your styling business, get clients, get started, and soar.


Understanding proportions, lines, and the rise of a pant could be the difference between creating a good outfit and a GREAT look that enhances your client’s confidence. We’ll cover all that and more in this module.


Being able to serve virtually is a non-negotiable in today’s business market. In this module, we will cover all the basics you need to know to so you can offer virtual styling as a service including pricing, how to break down a service, timelines, and expectations.



We'll do a live Q&A via Zoom to answer any additional questions you have to create clarity around creating the styling business of your dreams! 


A masterclass showing you how to analyze and re-trends from the runway so that you can be an industry leader, and know what is upcoming, and how to communicate it to your clients and lead yourself so that you are always ahead of the game and serving your clients in the best way possible. 

Lifetime access to the content

Watch and re-watch the program anytime you need a refresh. You'll also have access to any updates the program receives.

Workbooks to work the material

Resources will be given throughout the program to reference and use anytime you like.

Private community for support

Connect with other students as they journey through this process for peer-to-peer support and to discuss the material.

I’ve been a personal wardrobe stylist for about 7 years and have received formal training over the years.  I signed up for the personal stylist course because I thought I’d like to have a “refresher” as it had been awhile.  

 I was blown away with the content in Christie’s course.  Even combined, the courses that I had taken before didn’t hold a candle to what I learned from Christie!  

 She sets you up for success from the start and covers every aspect of what it means to be a stylist.  From the nuts and bolts of the business, to the process with clients and more.  I wish I had begun with her because she goes into far more extensive detail about the things you really need to know about fit, body type and style than I’d ever received before.  Without hesitation, I would take this course again and can’t recommend it highly enough!  – Elizabeth G.


I’ve been a successful stylist for over a decade now and work with women of all ages and sizes; helping them look and feel beautiful, inside and out. I have been the go-to expert for style advice for numerous media outlets across North America such as: CTV News, Breakfast Television, Global News, CBC’s Steven & Chris, Huffington Post, CHCH, Cosmo TV, Chatelaine, Toronto Star, The Hamilton Spectator and many more.  I’ve delivered hundreds of workshops to corporations, women’s groups, and schools discussing self confidence, style, and image all over North America. Here are a few places I’ve been featured as a fashion expert:

Ever since I discovered the job title “personal stylist” I was obsessed with becoming one but didn’t know where to start. I took the personal stylist training program and it was AMAZING! Each week I learn something new and Christie made sure that all of our questions were answered during the program. She goes out of her way to make sure people are satisfied, including myself. This training gave me the confidence to start my business as a personal stylist. I will highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to start their career as a personal stylist to gain confidence, knowledge and skills! - Brooke A.

"I left my Corporate job to pursue my passion of fashion and style. As a Personal stylist I help women say who they are with style. Even though I have the natural skill and talent to dress my body and  could always help family and friends to put themselves together well, I wanted more formal knowledge. I wanted to be confident as I worked with clients, to be able to explain why certain styles may or may not work for them. You see, this is a real business for me. I have big goals for my new career and there is no way I can accomplish all of that if I only have superficial knowledge.

Christie's Personal Stylist course is SOLID. The workbooks and videos are thorough with tons of great information from her vast personal experience with her clients to her formal training. She covered every aspect of being a Personal stylist, from your intake forms, how to do closet edits, the extremely important body shape analysis, on which everything builds, to levels of dress and how to charge for your services and ideas to reach new clients.
I am so much more confident now in my business and the services I offer. I know that the service I provide has value and my knowledge is top level.
Christie is very open and is available to answer all your questions in the private Facebook group or in her "ask her " session.
I invested in myself for this course and I highly recommend you do the same if you are serious about developing your personal styling business and moving to the next level." - Renee L.


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The fee for this course is $2500 USD.

The cost of this program is $2500.
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  1. Will the course be mostly self-directed or do you plan of giving personal feedback too? The course will largely be self-directed. There’s not individual coaching. We’ll have our LIVE Q&A where I will be available to answer any questions you may have.
  2. Am I too old to become a personal stylist? Absolutely not! I’ve taught students of all ages.
  3. How often will this program be offered? This course will be offered 2x per year.
  4. I’m super busy right now. What if I don’t have time to take the course now? A module will be delivered each week, but is up to you when you start. You have this content forever. And you can take the course completely at your own pace.
  5. Are you offering a payment plan? Yes! You will find the payment options above.
  6. Do I get a certificate of completion? Yes, students that complete their homework within 3 months and have gone through the material in-full during that time-frame will be granted a certificate or completion by emailing us.
  7. What can I expect from this course? A comprehensive step-by-step explanation on how-to become a personal stylist. Everything you need to help you hone-in on how to create a personal styling business is laid out for you. A personal style coach who’s been through it all to help encourage and guide you through it. I have over a decade of styling experience that I’m ready to share with you.
  8. How long will it take me to create my personal styling business? Some people will begin to create their styling business within the 9 weeks of the course by following along each week. Some people will take a few months as they work through the material at their own pace. Others will take longer than that if they like to take baby-steps. There is no rush; it’s entirely done at your comfort level and how much you want to push to get into the market.
  9. Can you guarantee specific results? I love this course process and I deeply believe in what I teach. The testimonials on this page are from real live people who have hired me as clients, followed my recommendation and got great results. I’ve been in this business for over a decade as a successful stylist and can’t wait to help you do the same!

More Questions? Email: [email protected]

DISCLAIMER: Because I have to say this: I can’t guarantee or warrant results. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

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