Styling shouldn't feel like it's running you ragged and making you doubt whether you'll ever make the money you desire.

If you're feeling burnt out, frustrated that you're not creating the income you want, or have people asking you to style them regularly, I'm here to help.

Join me inside my masterclass, Six Figure Stylist: The 3-step Formula to Attract Dream Clients Daily and Skyrocket to Six Figures and Beyond.

Inside you'll learn:

  1. My signature/proven 3 step process that helps stylists skyrocket their sales and increase client retention so that they can go to 6 figures and BEYOND.
  2. The most important mindset shifts that helped me go from living paycheck to paycheck as a struggling stylist to now having regular $60k-$100k months.
  3. All things offers and pricing, including how to create packages your ideal clients with say yes to with ease, why raising your rates is sometimes a good thing, plus what you need to know so that you can MAKE more without DOING more. 
  4. Why selling yourself every day is something you shouldn’t shy away from, and how to do it strategically and authentically so that it feels good to you AND your potential clients.
  5. Tweaks you need to make in your content so that you stop being seen as an influencer and start getting paid like an authority.


“Christie came into my life at the perfect time and transformed my business and mindset. She helped me to elevate my vibration in a way that no other business mentor has been able to before. Her simple methodologies in the Style CEO really spoke to me, allowing me to move beyond my current service offering and move into a whole new dimension. Working with Christie has been such an invaluable investment, not only in my business but in myself; for that, I am truly grateful.” -Samara P.


Six-figure stylist masterclass.

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