- Ready to step into the next level of MASTERY as both a stylist and an entrepreneur so that you can finally start making more without DOING more.

- Wanting payment notifications coming in EVERY DAY, even if you’re on vacation or at the spa with your bestie, because you’ve created the systems and structures that get you paid.

- Ready to create next-level client transformations that blow all other stylists out of the water and, therefore, make you an invaluable, irreplaceable asset to your clients so that they hire you again and again.

- Ready to step into the spotlight as a stylist, so you’re not just marketing and pushing for sales, but instead, you’ve grown a business and brand that attracts and magnetizes new clients and opportunities to you with ease.

- Ready to tap into knowing that your dreams of a 6 or 7-figure business are not only inevitable but closer than you ever thought they could be.

- Ready to confidently increase your rates and easily get paid what you’re worth for the expertise and transformation you provide? 


If you're on this page, I know you have BIG dreams, but you may feel capped by your current workload, unsure how to take things to the next level that you know you're capable of, or how to scale with ease the way you desire for more freedom.

What if I told you that, together, we could shatter every glass ceiling in your way, and QUICKLY?



A 12-month coaching immersion for the stylist ready to skyrocket her skills and master her mindset while increasing her impact and income.  

In short, this is a space for me to support with you everything I know and have mastered when it comes to being a Style CEO - from colours and fabrics to social media marketing and money mindset, and I promise you, I don’t teach the business of styling like everyone else.

The Stylist Atelier exists to help personal stylists and image consultants like you create a business that blows your mind while creating the freedom and money you crave.


A little snippet into my journey - and why I may be the perfect mentor for you.


- I never knew when clients would sign or where they came from.

- I felt like I lived in my car, commuting 24/7 to appointments, malls, and clients and not sure whether I was making a profit.

- I loved my career but had income highs and lows. My monthly income was all over the place. I was undercharging but felt it was getting me clients.

- I felt trapped by an overpacked schedule. I had no idea how to create more income when I was already overloaded with so much work.

- No way to scale; everything was manual by me. 

- I was always overwhelmed by what to do next.

- I knew I was meant for more and just wanted someone to point me in the right direction.


- I've created multiple streams of income that invite and welcome clients at all price points into my world while helping them get exactly what they need with style. I get paid at all times of the day without needing to be physically with my clients. All done WITHOUT ads.

- I help women globally.

- I charge fees that align with what I know I am worth and that clients never question.

- I have freedom in my schedule to be with family, take on only dreamy clients, and, importantly, get inspired and rest when I need.

- I have strong, consistent income every month.

- A team that supports me, my clients, and the vision I have.

- I am solid in my skillset and magnetism to clients. Clients seek me out and often pay the day they find me. I know I translate the world of fashion.

- I've created a 7-figure business with ease, pleasure, and stylish fun!

- I am a regular style expert in television, print and online media.

-  I have a clear plan in place that feels good and will only allow my vision, impact, and income to increase.

- I am living out my dream and working with clients I love as a stylist, and helping more and more women.


 If I were to sum up THE STYLIST ATELIER in one word, it would be MASTERY.

- Mastery of fabrics and colour.

- Mastery of style energetics.

- Mastery of fit, cut and proportions.

- Mastery of your social media and marketing.

- Mastery of style dimensions, personality styling and creating a self-actualized style.

- Mastery of your business and stepping into your Style CEO role.

- Mastery over your income streams allowing yourself to be passively paid as well.

- Mastery of your craft and being able to truly translate the world of fashion for your clients that truly sets you apart.


During our 12 months together, my intention is to help you so that you see your dreams and visions come to life. Things like:

- Time and financial freedom.

- Payments dinging every day whether on vacation or upon waking.

- Authentic messaging that reaches more people and has them eager to work with you.

- Tighter boundaries that elevate who has access to you and create more space in your schedule.

- Making more money without doing more.

- Luxury experiences for you and your clients that feel fun and exciting to deliver!

- Create a greater impact beyond your city and help more people look and feel beautiful.

 Working with Christie has been an absolute game-changer for both my business and my confidence as a personal stylist. She provides a wealth of knowledge and has helped me refine my skills as a stylist significantly. Christie helped me fine-tune my offers, set up my client systems for success, understand the true value of my services, and answer any questions I had around the logistics of styling whenever I felt stuck.

When I found myself feeling stressed, she supported me in developing healthy boundaries and a mindset of abundance from the specific perspective of a personal stylist, which is a very unique experience that can overlap with being both a service provider and a coach for your clients. I felt extremely understood and seen as Christie shared her own experiences as a personal stylist, both validating and encouraging my feelings at every point of my journey. I went from being so uncertain about who my next client would be to booking out a month in advance (multiple times!) with a schedule full of dream clients. I am still in awe over the amazing, ambitious women I get to serve who I now attract with more ease than I could’ve ever imagined.

Christie is a phenomenal person, stylist, and coach. Her energy is incredibly uplifting and I leave every one of our calls feeling supported and motivated. My time with her has been transformative and I highly recommend working with her to anyone who is searching for an exceptional personal stylist or stylist mentor. It feels like I’ve come full circle—going from wondering if I could make my dreams into a reality and watching Christie’s videos for encouragement back then, to now having made those dreams a reality with Christie as my stylist mentor. Thank you for everything, Christie! I’m forever grateful for you!" - Ariel C.


The stylists and consultants in my world always grow their business and income because they're supported, get feedback, and have all the tools they can ask for. I've been where you are, have created success, and am sharing how to do it on your own terms.

I’ve been a successful image consultant and stylist for over 17 years now and have taught in colleges on style and business, spoken regularly on television and in print about fashion, and now teach other stylists how to thrive globally.

I have been the go-to expert for style advice for numerous media outlets across North America: CTV News, Breakfast Television, Global News, CBC’s Steven & Chris, Huffington Post, CHCH, Cosmo TV, Chatelaine, Toronto Star, The Hamilton Spectator and many more. In addition, I’ve delivered hundreds of workshops to corporations, women’s groups, and schools discussing self-confidence, style, and image all over North America. Here are a few places I’ve been featured as a fashion expert:



My four core stylist programs, in addition to any new programs and masterclasses that will be created over the next 12 months (and new juicy things are coming)!

Bi-weekly calls for hot seat coaching every 2 weeks to tap into mentorship and support when you need it to help you continuously expand and maintain momentum in your business. All calls will be recorded if you cannot attend live.

If my 4 core stylist programs weren't enough, more juicy trainings and masterclasses are on the way to help you elevate further, and you get access to them ALL, such as: 

- 7-Figure Identity: helping you shift and become a match for millions.

- The Trend Setter: reading trends and staying ahead of the curve.

- Scale: tapping into wealth and passive sales.

- Social Stylist: mastering social media and marketing so dream clients seek you out!

... and probably more around mastering the body, fit, quality, etc! These will be dropped throughout the year for you to join live or consume at your own pace.

Community with other women who are doing the work & friendships so next level you will never feel lonely again! Our industry is so welcoming, and it's a game changer to be in the room with others who understand what you're going through and are looking to elevate also! Interact with one another as much as you want inside a private facebook group. Share colour reports, client questions, wins, and much more!

When you join, get instant access to a 7-day audio program helping you connect with your higher self and unlock the power within to create a new level of wealth and freedom. It comes with a workbook filled with empowering journaling prompts to help you tap into your abundance. 

Received a FREE copy of the Woman On The Rise Journal. This journal is the perfect place to start manifesting the life and business of your dreams alongside the Abundance Activation.

“Christie came into my life at the perfect time and not only transformed my business but also my mindset. She helped me to elevate my vibration in a way that no other business mentor has been able to before. Her simple methodologies in the Style CEO really spoke to me, allowing me to move beyond my current service offering and move into a whole new dimension. Working with Christie has been such an invaluable investment, not only in my business but in myself and for that, I am truly grateful.” -Samara P.

I’ve been a personal wardrobe stylist for about 7 years and have received formal training over the years.  I signed up for the personal stylist course because I thought I’d like to have a “refresher” as it had been awhile.  

 I was blown away with the content in Christie’s course.  Even combined, the courses that I had taken before didn’t hold a candle to what I learned from Christie!  

 She sets you up for success from the start and covers every aspect of what it means to be a stylist.  From the nuts and bolts of the business, to the process with clients and more.  I wish I had begun with her because she goes into far more extensive detail about the things you really need to know about fit, body type and style than I’d ever received before.  Without hesitation, I would take this course again and can’t recommend it highly enough!  – Elizabeth G.

In addition, you also get:

Lifetime Access to the content

Watch and re-watch the program anytime you need a refresh. You'll also have access to any updates the program receives.

Workbooks to work the material

Worksheets and notes to help you process the information.

Private community for support

Connect with other students as they journey through this process. Christie will lightly be available to answer questions in the group during the program. 

I don’t just work with stylists, I work with the BEST stylists.

I want you to imagine where you could be a year from now.


Maybe you…

- Just hit your first $47k month, like my client, Julie.

- Hit your first $100k year in 2023 and are now set to double it in 2024 like my client, A.

- Go from a $400 offer to selling your first $6,500 package, like my client Brenda.

- Over double your income after one of my stylist programs, like my client Jennifer.

- Get flown out to photoshoots and style live events like my client, Ariel.

- Get asked to speak at events and share the world of colour and style with major influences and banks, like my client Christina.

- Filling regular style and colour sessions like my client, Tatum.

- Launch your first online program with success like my client, Leanne.

- Tap into more aligned rates when styling celebrities and musicians like my client, Stevie.

- Become a full-time stylist who's successful like my client, Erin.

- Get featured in the press like my client, Renee.

- Niche down and fold many of your passions into styling, like astrology, personal development, manifestation, spirituality, law, etc., like many of my clients have.

- Create passive revenue streams for more time and financial freedom.

- Open your own styling studio.

- Have clients commit to you for a year.

 Or maybe you go way bigger. 

I cover it all and want to support you.

No matter what,

I hope I’ll see you inside.

Join before price goes up by $2k!









Join The Stylist Atelier NOW!


Montly Payments- 12 month commitment

What's included:

- Every program I launch during a 12-month period for stylists (value $12,000)

- Every masterclass I launch for a year for stylists (value $2,000)

- Bi-weekly group coaching calls with me for support and strategy for 1 year (value $20,000)

- Private FB group to connect with other high-level stylists looking to step into their 7 figure business.

- Abundance Activation audio program

- Woman On The Rise Journal

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Pay in-full

What's included:

- Every program I launch during a 12-month period for stylists (value $12,000)

- Every masterclass I launch for a year for stylists (value $2,000)

- Bi-weekly group coaching calls with me for support and strategy for 1 year (value $20,000)

- Private FB group to connect with other high-level stylists looking to step into their 7 figure business.

- Abundance Activation audio program.

- Woman On The Rise journal

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All online sales are final and subject to these terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions? Email: [email protected]

No. The Stylist Atelier is a 12-month commitment that gives you an all-access pass to coaching alongside my programs and masterclasses. This is not a membership. Once you join, you are ALL-IN to grow your business for a year.

This can be done a your own pace, so it is up to you when you start. So you have this content forever. All coaching calls will be recorded for you to watch if you cannot make them live.

Yes! You will find the payment options above.

A year-long container supporting you on how to become an incredible stylist and accelerate on your own terms.  A personal stylist and coach who’s been through it all to help encourage and guide you through it. 

I love this course process and I deeply believe in what I teach. The testimonials on this page are from real live people who have hired me as clients, followed my recommendation and got great results. I’ve been in this business for over a decade as a successful stylist who's trained in colour analysis and can’t wait to help you do the same! DISCLAIMER: Because I have to say this: I can’t guarantee or warrant results. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.


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