Creating Modules

Many of us can attest to the fact that come morning when our morning routines begin, we’re often caught standing in front of our closets saying, “I have nothing to wear.”

Ironically, you’re standing in-front of a full-closet when saying so.

This phrase can be utter for multiple reasons, but often, it’s because you don’t know know how-to create other looks in your closet. It can be easy to become bored with your clothing as a result; feeling like you’re wearing the same outfit over and over again. You pair the same bottoms with the same top that you always do.

What many don’t realize is that with some strategic shopping and thoughtfulness in our wardrobe; exciting and fresh outfit option possibilities are endless!


Enter the module.

This is a gamer changer that I talk to most of my clients about. A module is 6 clothing items that will can translate into 12 outfit options.

Here’s how you can make your own module happen:

  1. Pick out two bottoms. This can be denim, trousers, skirts, or a mix of the two; doesn’t matter.
  2. Select three tops that will go with each of the bottoms. Most often, these pieces you select with have a colour in common, an undertone or perhaps a pattern.
  3. Select an outer layer. This could be a cardigan, a blazer, a poncho, a coat, or whatever else you can think of as an additional layer.
  4. Select accessories (handbag, shoes, jewellery) that will compliment all of these pieces.

Laying all of these items flat next to each other will give you a better idea of whether these items can mix n’ match together.


To get 12 outfits, the first bottom you select can be worn with each top (3 outfits). The second bottom selected also has this ability (6 outfits). If you do this matching again, but this time includes the outer layer, it will give us a total of 12 outfits!

While doing this method may feel time consuming when looking at how many you can create in your closet, it’s an exercise that can be very eye-opening and really show you how many outfit possibilities you have!

You’ll also become aware of gaps you have in your closet, which can now become your future shopping list. No more mindless shopping!

Not only will this technic allow you to maximize what you own already, but you’ll now have more fun playing in your closet.

Want to take your style to the next level? Learn how-to find and dress your body-type! It simplifies shopping, allows you to talk more positively to yourself in the mirror, and boosts your confidence knowing you’re rocking what makes you look and feel fabulous.


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