Does Your Closet Bring You Joy?

When you look at your closet, does the clothing in it bring you joy?

I mean really, does it?

While this may seem like an odd question to ask, I think it's important. Having helped women find their style for over a decade now, one thing is certain: we often settle when it comes to our clothing. You know, the clothing that makes us think, "meh" as we look at ourselves in the mirror, or the clothing that we don't really like, but we wear it anyway.

The reality is many of us have an ideal image in our minds as to what we'd like our style to be and how it would feel to be dressed that way. We've all watched a movie, read a blog, scrolled Instagram and seen someone dressed in a way we love and thought, "that is so me!" as we mentally note that we must try harder in future. We know that this ideal aesthetic would make us feel confident, stylish, and dare I say, powerful.

So, my question is, why the hell aren't we dressing ourselves that way? Why, instead, do we have closets filled with items we deem lack lustre, sloppy, or just 'not us'?

Often times, it's because we settle.

Now, I get it. Life is busy; it's crazy in-fact. Last minute occasions come-up and we grab something that will suffice at the mall instead of something that we love, and mass selection in stores is often so overwhelming we don't know where to start when we do get the time to go on shopping trips. And, often, if you do find something you like, it can be even more frustrating if it doesn't fit in a way that makes you feel good. I totally get it.

But, if that's the case, why are we taking our hard earned dollar and handing it over in exchange for something that makes us sigh when we look in the mirror?

I often tell the women I work with that slowing down and holding-out for pieces that only bring you joy, excitement, and feel-good vibes when you look at yourself in the mirror are worth it. While it may mean you buy less often (which hey, is a great thing for your wallet), the decrease in morning-prep stress that you'll feel alone is worth it's weight in gold.

Can you imagine walking into your closet and loving everything you see? Can you imagine how that might inspire you in the morning? What would it feel like to only have things in your closet that you love and like to wear? Can you imagine the shift in energy you'd feel when you look at yourself in the mirror and love what's staring back at you?

It would be powerful. 

If your closet isn't currently at that place, don't worry, you're not alone. Baby steps!

Here are a few tips to help get you started:

  1. Remove any items that are ill-fitting and worn-out.
  2. Use Pinterest to help inspire you. If you aren't sure what styles you like, try creating a mood board. Look for common threads and analyze the pictures you saved. Why do you like them? What about the outfit grabs your attention?
  3. Remove any items from your closet that make you feel less than, frustrated, or just don't bring you happiness. Have high standards for yourself. If something makes you feel less than beautiful, why on earth would you want to hold on to it?
  4. Get your wardrobe basics covered. This will ensure you won't need to shop last minute for something that pops-up and will allow you to build your wardrobe with fun things that showcase your personality and flair.

If you're ready to take things a step further and finally get clear about your style and hone-in on a closet that really feels good, join my Next-Level-Closet Curation program. You get access to me through live videos we'll do together, a detailed workbook, and strategic homework over 21 days. Can you imagine how your closet and style will change with a stylist helping you? It's epic.



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