Myths About Becoming A Personal Stylist

"You'll make no money doing that! 

This is something common I heard from others when beginning my personal styling career. 
This phrase shocked me (and worried me) when I began my business -- thinking that maybe their words would be true or that I had made a mistake following my passion. 
Afterall, personal styling is not a 'traditional' job. 
It's creative, fun, and helps people self-actualize through clothing. 
But I kept hearing about all of these myths about the business that felt crippling and stopped me from going all in. 
I'm sharing these top myths about personal styling and spilling the tea on them ️:
- you make no money
- It's not hard work
- It's over saturated
- You're too 'old/young' to begin
- ppl can Google style info
It's all going down on my latest podcast episode.
If you're ready to dive into the world of personal styling, create your dream business, help women feel fabulous, AND get to play with pretty clothes, registration for my online personal stylist training is now open. Early bird pricing ends Friday. 

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