Do you see yourself as Stylish?

I'd like you to give some thought to the question, "Do I see myself as a stylish woman?"
When we meet for the first time, many of my clients tell me that they often feel frustrated at an image they aspire to in their minds that they never seem to bring to fruition. 
That's frustrating; knowing what you want and not being able to bring it to life.
The reason for this can be simple and is often found in the question I asked above. 
In today's podcast episode, I'm exploring this question and providing you with something I give my clients experiencing this challenge. Check it out here!
If you are looking to explore your style, my online program, How-to Create Your Personal Style, is now open for registration! This is the last time it will ever be available before retiring. Here, I will give you the tools you need to curate a wardrobe you love while also getting my feedback. You have a stylist in your back pocket! Check it out here.

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