How to Wear an Oversized Blouse

I don't know about you, but I have a love affair with white blouses. You'd be shocked to see how many currently sit in my wardrobe; all slightly different variations of one another, and all pieces I can't live without. White blouses are such a great staple to have in your closet, so I'm eager to snatch-up another of these classics every time I see them.

One trend that has been on-going are oversized blouses; yes, they comfortable and supposed to look effortlessly chic -- but let's also be honest and acknowledge that they don't look good on most people; myself included. If you have any kind of bust or curve to your figure, slouchy blouses will do nothing for you. Knowing this, when I saw this blouse back in the summer from a favourite boutique, The Store On Queen, being styled as an over-sized dress (with pockets - win!), I was crushed and knew I had to find another way to wear it (it literally looked like a tent -- the only body-type that looks killer on is an "H" body-type).

So, getting creative in the hopes of justifying a purchase (haven't we all been there?), I knew that I had to make this give me some shape around my waist or the whole thing was a lost cause.

Enter the belt.

If like many women, if you have a curved waistline (it doesn't have to be dramatic), then the only place you should be wearing a belt is around your waist, and not your hips. If you're going to add a horizontal line to anywhere in your figure (which widens an area), it should be around the smallest part of your body. When I'm styling my clients with this kind of shape, most laugh and quickly make a joke about the size of their waistline, but it's true. Try it at home and study the different between wearing it on your waist to your hipline. Huge difference!

So long story, not so short, I opted to wear a belt around this blouse in order to create the definition and shape I needed to wear this oversized beauty. To keep the focus on my waist, I left the buttons open on the blouse to my waistline as well.

To this day, this blouse is on heavy rotation and I always give it a little cinch with belts of different sizes, shapes, and colours to change up the look I'm creating.

Always do what flatters your body-type! Fit is king. Get creative with pieces in your closet -- you never know what outfits you may be able to come up with.

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