How-to Wear Printed Pants

While I type this post, it is currently snowmageddon outside, and the only cure-all for winter blues is to dream of warmer days ahead!

Come spring, one of my favourite things to wear is florals.

I know, I know; not earth shattering news, but one thing I wanted to discuss is the fact that everyone can wear them as prints on their pants.

That's right.


I, for one, am a curvy woman myself. Despite the fact that I'm running all over Toronto and the GTA as a personal shopper, I will forever be a lady with a curvy hipline (okay, my wine and chocolate devotion don't help either).

When personal shopping or helping someone with their wardrobe, many confess that they are shocked when I tell them that they to can wear printed pants if they want. They key, with all outfits, is balance.

Printed pants, or printed bottoms of any kind for that matter, will instantly draw attention to that area of your body because it's something that will draw the eye in. So, if you are a pear or A-shape, plus-size, or simply have "hips-that-don't-lie" (in the words of Shakira), then the trick is to add additional layering or interest up-top to create a more balanced silhouette. After all, style is all a game of smoke and mirrors.

In order to balance my hipline in this outfit, I decided to wear a bright sweater to bring the eye up and also layer with a jean jacket for a bit of texture. Because the jacket ends just shy of my hipbones, it continues to pull the eye up and away from my hip. The long necklace in the centre of my torso sealed the deal. While not necessary, heels will also help elongate your legs.

With spring being so focused on large sleeves, ruffles, and bell-shapes on blouses and shirts, there are a lot of fun, beautiful ways you can wear printed bottoms no mater what your size or shape may be. I, for one, am all-in.

What do you think?


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