Wear What Makes You Feel Special

I had recently been combing through my closet; tossing out old pieces or items that didn’t feel like ‘me’ anymore. In the process, I stumbled upon a few items that made me gush and say aloud, “oh, I love this! I wish I wore it more often.” These were all garments that I felt beautiful in, but would often wear on special occasions or moments where I felt I needed to dress-up a bit more. From having gone through the closets of many women over the years, I know you can relate to this to.

A show that I, along with many other women, have admired for years is Sex And The City. Carrie Bradshaw, the main character, always had a way with her outfits. She would constantly wear evening pieces during the day, and mix what would be considered formal pieces with others that were utterly casual. And yet, somehow, it always looked so well put together (albeit, a little quirky at times to which I loved).

wear-what-makes-you-feel-beautifulSweater: Club Monaco // Skirt: Self Portrait // Shoes: Zara (old) // Clutch: Freda’s Boutique // Necklace: Le Chateau (old)

I reminded myself of the show and Carrie as I went through some of my favourite pieces in my closet. One piece in particular I had just scooped up on Boxing Day and realized I hadn’t worn it yet, but had been over-the-moon about adding it to my closet: an embroidered skirt in the most beautiful pastels and black. I thought it was elegant, feminine, and fun. I remember feeling like a million dollars when I tried it on in the change-room because it flattered in all of the places I wanted it to.


So instead of putting the skirt back in it’s place as I went through the rest of my wardrobe, I decided to pull it out and style it not only for a fun occasion (as pictured), but also for business when I’m with clients. If I feel good wearing it, why wouldn’t I use it more often? I was thrilled with the outfit combinations I’ve created for it, and as a result, when I pull it out of the closet in the morning my self confidence will thank me.


As you read this, I’m sure you can think of a few pieces you have stowed away that you love to wear. Perhaps you typically wear it on special occasions or for holidays only. But I challenge you, as I did with myself, to pull it out and wear it anyway.

If it has sparkles or glitter on it, great! Dress it down with denim (ripped if you want to go a step further) and a blazer (if it’s a top), or if it’s a full dress, perhaps grab an oversized sweater to pull over it and make the piece look more like a skirt. There are so many ways to layer and have fun with our clothing. It’s meant to be fun and a form of self expression. And besides that, it’s meant to make us feel good, feel beautiful, and to feel special. Our confidence and self-worth internally goes up a notch when we feel special about how we look.

So grab those special shoes, lipstick, blouse – whatever it may be that makes your soul shine. Find a way to wear it. You’ll day will brighten as a result.



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